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PvE Build: Damage, conditions and survivability

mesmer build pve stealth blurred frenzy

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#1 Alexander Dark

Alexander Dark

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Posted 28 August 2012 - 04:05 PM

Hello, there.

After three days of pains I finally come out with a build that I think could work properly for PvE. I have to say that I found mesmer quite a bit tricky to play, more than in GW1. The DPS seems quite low (lower for sure than the warrior), its resistance doesn't shine and the CC ability... Well, they are good, but not so good. So, whilst I found different good builds for PvP (for example the stealth one), I didn't find anything really good for mesmer in PvE. Since the mesmer appears to me as a very mixed profession, I tried to mix its strong points to see what could come out.

The result:


(Don't look at the runes.)

The point is to inflict conditions to the foes and boons to the allies for as long as possible. Staff is of course the best weapon to do so. Winds of Chaos and Chaos Storm are great for this purpose. In combo with P. Warlock you can also inflict a good damage.

If foes starting to aggro you, you can easily switch to sword/torch combination: but before to do so use Decoy, to have 3 seconds stealth. In this way you have time to get closer to your enemy and to inflict good damage with the sword ability (Blurred Frenzy is just great).

If things get bad, you have always an ace in your sleeve: the prestige. Blind your enemies and get invisible. You have three seconds to run away from the core of the battle, and continue to cast conditions on the foes and boons on the allies. Vary straight forward.

So: what do you think about? Feedbacks are of course appreciated.
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#2 bimcha


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Posted 28 August 2012 - 04:18 PM

I am a bit more aggressive with my play style. Running the same sword/torch with staff as secondary. My pve style is like this.

Start with Sword/torch. Either run in or use the clone + leap to get in close. Spam 1 and cast illustionary mage until I get aggro. Then burst blurred frenzy. if I still have aggro drop to stealth (ability 4) and do the burn damage back up. If I don't have aggro, switch to staff, drop chaos storm, cast illusionary warlock, kite a bit, the back to sword to repeat. Burn through mobs 2 levels higher this way. strong mobs I have to kite a bit, but between blurred frenzy, heal, stealth (ability 4 in sword/torch) it is easy to avoid aggro/damage.
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#3 Alexander Dark

Alexander Dark

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Posted 01 September 2012 - 02:29 AM

I now switched to this one: http://gw2skills.net...TumkNtqYUxmgJBA
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