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Rifle/Gadgets build, need input

rifle gadgets mobile

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#1 Omgadnowai


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Posted 28 August 2012 - 05:30 PM

So here's the build:


The traits might seem all over the place, but the idea was to make an inherently resilient Engineer with decent HP/Toughness; however, I didn't want to hit like a total wet noodle and went for a fairly high power count, helped by the fact that Toughness and Healing are both translated into power in the Inventions tree.

Static Discharge and Speedy Gadgets to help with burst and mobility.

The Rifle here deals 10% more damage, and recharges faster; I can't decide whether I want the range or the recharge time, so help me out on that one.

Skill-wise, I picked high mobility Gadgets that complement the already really solid Rifle's combat mobility; the toolbelt facet of these skills is just lovely, and allow for a quick chain of Static Discharges. Static Oil + Rifle Net for immobilization, Knockback on Rifle, Rocket Boots and Mine, on top of runes that increase resistance to movement impairing conditions = TASTY.

And when you want to burst, well...you can use those skills to position your target and FIRE AWAY. Empty the toolbelt for Static Discharge and positioning and keep shooting away.

This build seems very solid to me, but I haven't tested it at high levels of sPvP. If anyone can do it, let me know what happens with it. I assume we might need to throw in Elixir C if the condition damage is too big despite a 25% reduction in their duration.

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#2 Egoist


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Posted 29 August 2012 - 10:29 AM

I think you want speedy kits for mobility rather than speedy gadgets, however having shorter gadget cooldowns would not hurt you could drop a few points out of inventions and get 30 points in tools which would also reduce your toolbelt cooldowns even more allowing you to burst more often with static discharge, losing toughness to power and healing to power is not that big a drop as the conversion rates are very low. i would not bother with either of the rifle traits and would insted take cripple on immob as you have net shot and turret.

I ran a similar build and the one you have put together will do well, i would swap shoes for goggles though as you have perma swiftness anyway and the fury will help your burst, also the goggles toolbelt procs static discharge and causes 10 stacks of vuln which are a death sentance against a bursty build like this. I'm not a big fan of rocket boots outside of burn condition builds so i would prefer to have something like personal ram for extra control, a ranged cripple and an extra targetted static discharge proc but its mostly personal preference.

One last thing is your heal skill of choice, you would be better off with either the turret or the med kit as they both have in build condition removal, the med kit with 30 points in the tools trait line actually gives you a 15 second cooldown heal which is incredibly handy and once you can get used to swapping quickly in combat will give you a fury/swift buff and a short cd condition removal, it also procs speedy kits which will give you perma swiftness.
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#3 Alternate Eyes

Alternate Eyes

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Posted 29 August 2012 - 12:34 PM

overall its very similar setup to a power rifle/gadget build I've been running (with success, but hey this is just the start of GW2 lets be honest :P)

I personally would take the recharge over the range. As the majority of the rifle skills require a close range in order to be fully utilised. So the added range doesn't really add much considering you are going to be wanting to dance around in mid-close range for every fight.

Im not a fan of the protective shield trait tbh. A 3s second protection every 20s on critical hit has an uptime of almost 1/7th. Which to me is total crap, so for 1/7th of your time you take 33% less dmg. I mean unless you get lucky and it procs every time a warrior HB's you, its not gona do a lot. I much prefer active defenses and take traits for playstyle changes. So I would drop out to 20 points in inventions and take the 5% convert to power and 10% speed inc, then put the other 10 points somewhere like tools, or firearms.

I agree with the guy above.
-Drop slick shoes or rocket boots, take the goggles, fury, blind immune, vunerability stacks. Much more bursty.
-5% healing to power is basically nothing, considering how much healing you actually have as a stat.
-Possibly swap your heal, if you had med-kit, that would sync way nicer with your toolbelt skills
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#4 dancingmonkey


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Posted 30 August 2012 - 01:54 AM

Personally, when I use the rifle, I like to get my crit chance to 50%+ andget my crit damage 50%+ as well.
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