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most effective combos

ele elementalist combos

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#1 two_step


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Posted 29 August 2012 - 05:39 AM

so im having trouble with my elementalist. i tried doing the ringmaster quest maybe 10 times with no success. i end up kiting the guys around. i'm not sure if im using combos or not. is there a way to see which skill you should be clicking next for a combo? i just tried dual daggers and i seem too squishy for that too. do i just suck? whats going on here?
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#2 Leiloni


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Posted 29 August 2012 - 06:37 AM

There's a nice chart about combos here: http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Combo

Then take a look at your skill descriptions. Easier to do in game but clicking the pages for each skill shows the same info as well. Here's a list of your dagger skills: http://wiki.guildwar...er#Elementalist. It will say if it creates a Combo Field or serves as a Finisher and what type of Field or Finisher it is. Checking the chart will tell you what effect you'll end up with.

You need a Combo Field to start and a Combo Finisher. What effect it is depends on what two skills you pair up. So for example if you hit Burning Speed or Ring of Fire (3 and 4 in Fire) then you just created a Fire Field. If you switch to Earth and hit Earthquake or Churning Earth (4 and 5) they are both Blast Finishers. So use them in the Fire Field and you and everyone near you will get 3 stacks of a Might buff. Don't forget as well that skills in your Utility slot can be used as part of a Combo such as Arcane Wave.

Staff also has a lot of combo fields that can be created. And don't forget that other classes can either create or finish your Combo fields for varying effects which is actually the intended use - as cross-profession combos. One I like is using in Dynamic Events is Static Field with the staff and anyone with a Bow or Pistol will most likely have several Projectile finishers and the result is Vulnerablity. Very quickly stacking Vulnerability on whatever boss we're killing resulting in the mob taking a lot more damage.

I would just say to play around a bit with your skills to see what you can do. Also the Dynamic Events are a great place to play around with Combos since there are a lot of people around of different classes and you can experiment a lot without fear of imminent death.

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