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Question regarding leveling.

asura leveling zones flow

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#1 Azerox


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Posted 29 August 2012 - 06:18 AM

Hey guys, and girls ofcourse,

I have a question regarding leveling.

Als ive read the leveling progress in GW2 is a flat line, instead of other mmos that become harder to get xp by the higher level u get.

Now i wonder a few things i couldnt find a satisfying answer on:

Im level 30 now, and i have done almost all the quest that come arround the zone where Asura starts, but now im in some trouble not having quests under level 34, which are a bit too hard atm.

What ive read and seen ingame is that if you go lower level zones u can do quests and get decent XP, but i would like to know if that XP u recieve is less in a level 10 zone then a level 20 zone for example?

Or does it not matter? (for example, can a level 10 quest give just as much as a level 30 qeust?)

Im tending to start in some lower level zones to get the XP to get to lvl 34 so i can continue.

Feeling a bit stuck atm, are progressing on some lower level quests, but dont want it to go too slow.

Btw any tips for after level 30 to get some decent XP?

Sorry for grammar faults, English is not my primary language ;)


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#2 dansamy


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Posted 29 August 2012 - 06:24 AM

When I get tired of doing quests/events, I go craft for a while or just run around different maps exploring. When I end up in an area over my head, I go back and finish doing things in earlier zones.

You'll get downleveled in other races' starting zones, but you'll still be stronger in relation to everything around you.

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