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Sword/Focus PvE (DPS) Build, your critique required.

sword focus dps crit

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#1 Zankou


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Posted 29 August 2012 - 11:56 AM

The Build;
http://gw2skills.net...AdQ TVh4BTBGBfA

The build has nice synergies in my findings.
Justice (refreshes after each kill), gives Might + Blind (from traits) -> Vulnerability.
Blind from Sword and Focus, is another 2 Vulnerability stacks and dmg avoidance. Critical hits also give might stacks.
You also have a block skill from focus.
This means that Aegis can be alive pretty much the entire time with proper timing.

The things i dislike and i want your oppinion in:
No valor line means i miss 1-30% extra crit dmg. (But this tree is worthless in my oppinion in terms of DMG. Maybe the 5% precision convert from toughness but thats it). This build can have a really high crit rate, hence i miss it.

What weapon should i use for swapping? I really love the greatsword, and it has leap of faith, (Another blind) and a good AoE attack, but wouldnt the staff be better?
Empower and such..

What about Utility skills? This department im pretty bad, and here i need some guidance. Well cheers
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#2 Anam Itheoir

Anam Itheoir

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Posted 29 August 2012 - 03:55 PM

Drop the zeal line and pickup Retributive Armor in the toughness tree. Get rid of the staff if you are running Right handed strength, and go with mace/Shield or scepter/torch or some other combination of the grouping.

You appear to be running a support build, but no reflective/knockback/control utilites. essentially means one person in your party is going to need to be responsible for all those abilites. Renewed Focus is crap for an elite talent if you aren't deep in the virtues tree.

it's a nice start, but your talents aren't reflecting support, but your utilites do.
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