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Help me in Profession choice please :)

profession choice wvwvw pve

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#1 Moltar


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Posted 29 August 2012 - 04:49 PM

Hello everyone my name is John, alias Moltar.

I never played GW before, never played in any of the tests and already purchased the game and im playing, but im not feeling corfortable with what i experiencied so far.
I am a ex- WoW player, used to play a lot of classes but the main was a Shaman, apart from the WoW content on this topic.

I already started a few professions and just doesnt seems like the character is having fun with me, feels more like a "meh, pressing buttons and doing these events", way more mechanic than having a great feeling.
INFO: Im telling this facts based on same level mobs, single or multi target, and i am a MMO veteran i know the facts by reading skills and stuff like that

So i tried Warrior(Got it to lv10), and i was having some troubles with the ranged issues in the game, since i plan to WvWvW and PvE i dont wanna be nuked in the WvWvW where the whole group is ranged and as melee i simply got nuked like a lil children.
Tried Ranger later on (lv26), i just couldnt understand how the threat works on this game, i actually though the WoW logic (My pet will tank i will shoot, fair enough [Also i am addicted to collecting pets and minis]), and i failed, the mobs were constantly hitting me instead of my pet, some times the pet was just soo weak to tank and even switching between pets could help .
Later came the Engineer (lv16), was really fun, but also squishy and sometimes i needed to be OP using a crapload of bombs to kill enemies because they were just soo over spawning (Asura starter zone), and on WvW i could not do anything being ranged (low damage with every weapon), and my utility skills werent helping since the group was moving soo fast and turrets and elixiers were not viable.
At the moment i am trying the Thief profession, im really low on leveling but i already felt it like more the paper way of playing and not soo much enjoyable in Dual Pistoling (i just dont like shortbows ever, dont wanna do something i hate), and melee is nuked even more since stealth is 3sec only.

The final deal is:
Since im new to the game, i really enjoy a mix of Ranged and Melee (Or ranged only), i DONT like at any circunstance casters and light armor wearers.
I want to focus on WvWvW and PvE, and i want to be a full killer, or killer/support(legit support on defense and offense).
What should be my focus on playing? (I played most: Druid, Shaman, Warrior, Hunter on WoW, all melee but the hunter i was Beast mastery)
And please be gentle giving me tips to having a better class for me and a better gameplay feeling (Am i doing something wrong? how should i improve that).

If possible, be nice and gentle, im not hardcore that focus on pro-ing, but im semi-hardcore, that wants to have the most fun by unsdertanding every single game mechanic and wanting to do things right.

Thanks in advance,
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#2 Moltar


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Posted 29 August 2012 - 07:53 PM

Bump'dee Bumperston
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#3 TStroke


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Posted 29 August 2012 - 08:33 PM

I would try the warrior again. It has access to 2 ranged weapons aswel, rifle for single target and Longbow for AoE. So you can equip one or both of those to get ranged attacks in WvW. That's one of the great things about GW2, any profession has a ranged option. Also these or not some second rate weapons specs, they are just as powerful as any of the melee weapons.

I like the engineer more though ;) If you're complaining about damage in WvW, try the granade kit for some of the best AoE damage in the game.
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#4 Moltar


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Posted 29 August 2012 - 08:38 PM

Thanks for the help and tips

The warrior in WvW can also be melee damager and there is something im missing? Because there must be a way to melee in WvWvW and dont get nuked by ranged or simply mitigate the damage. (Being sneak is one choice but theres no such thing in GW2 because 3sec stealth to be effective you already need to be in melee range of the target)
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#5 Jagang


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Posted 30 August 2012 - 03:34 PM

Well as always the first response I have for you is play what you have the most fun with. It sounds like you enjoy the warrior so I would nudge you in that direction.

In my experience so far I find Warriors are very effective in WvW. They have a couple of gap closer skills which are nice and when timed right you can really get into the thick of things. One things I am trying to urge people to do is not think in terms of 1v1. While 1v1 is going to happen it will not be the norm. There are going to be large groups clashing, when this happens a Warrior thrives. The Warrior can get in peoples face adn really deal some nice damage pretty fast, plus they have stronger armor so they can soak up some damage. When the chaos of groups clashing occurs you are going to love your Warrior.

You have to accept there is going to be some nuking going on but you shouldn't be alone so you won't be the only one to focus on and you should pick your targets. If the ele in the back is nuking you keep moving, keep dodging and pick your way through to him so he runs away from you or you catch him and kill him. This game is about moving and dodging if you get the hang of it you are going to really have some fun with your Warrior. I'm not going to say its going to be all "ez-mode" but the Warrior is a strong class. If you are leaning that way go with it and learn that class and deal out some pain.

I hope this helps a bit. Good luck to you!
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#6 Moltar


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Posted 30 August 2012 - 08:54 PM

Thank you both for the responses, im leveling again a warrior, i dont like swords at all in medieval history, but i am using one Greatsword (and imagining a Dual Blade Axe), im really enjoying it, cool damage and cool mobility, also trying to get a axe/shield for some leveling solo survivability.
Its about the time you really spend with the class understanding the mechanics of it, and i do think this single time i will find the warrior fun, fits me well. Also i tested the Rifle and goes pretty much as the Longbow for ranger, i acutally found it really smooth and good at range.

Thanks again for helping me out, see you all out there in the battlefield.
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