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Whats the point of joining multiple guilds if they require you to represent theirs?

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#91 Fizzypop


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Posted 03 November 2012 - 05:36 PM

Well if you are joining a guild with a 1 guild only policy, you should know what to expect. If you don't want to represent them, then there shouldn't be a place for you, period.

People these days are always demanding but never giving back even the smallest things like loyalty and passion.

Except people DO want to represent them...just not all the time. What exactly are people demanding? To be able to use their time how they see fit? Oh DEAR LORD CALL THE POLICE! It's very possible to be loyal, have passion, and take part in a guild without it being the only guild. Do you really only have one set of friends IRL? Because I sure don't.
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#92 revillainize


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Posted 20 November 2012 - 05:34 PM

The ability to join multiple guilds on this game is bullshit. Very simply, it discourages guild loyalty and defeats the entire purpose of joining a guild in the first place.

Guilds are supposed to be a dedicated, close knit group of people. An ideal scenario would be a flourishing, active community in-game AND outside of the game, supported by communication programs such as IRC/forums/voice. The system now? Guilds having half the people not representing. Highly inactive/non-existent offsite interaction. Guilds are typically a hi-bye affair in the game.

People who say "I represent this guild today for WvW, then that guild tomorrow for PvE" - this isn't how guilds are supposed to work. Guilds are groups where people do different things together - not a "I come as I like" place. People who represent different guilds on different days as and when they like are akin to clan-hoppers.

But obviously, this isn't just the fault of guild hoppers alone. The guild system design in this game is absolutely horrible - they want people to know as many different groups of people as possible, but they do not allow players to participate in the chat of guilds they are not representing. This, to me is the biggest problem about the guild system, because it renders useless the participation of a player, simply because he/she does not know what is happening in other guilds.

Basically - you don't have to represent different guilds when you're doing different activities. So what if one guild is better than another at PvE? Does it really matter to "roll with the best"? Does it really matter if you spent 15-30 more minutes doing a dungeon with another guild which is better at its community aspect/ WvW?

This. I want to give my reason as to why.

Guild systems in games such as Lineage II among many other mmos that had a serious open-world PvP atmosphere (which can be related to WvW) were some of the best in-game experience I've ever had. This is solely due to the guild and it's system that promotes dedication. When you're in a guild and you spend your idle time with them, you are growing with them. And the experience continues to grow in-game and off. We have stuck together, it is nearly 8 years now.

The idea in GW2 is to be in guild A, B and C. Representing each for varies reasons. Fair enough. It's like a multiple friends list function. Corrupt, I think. Alternatively, I prefer the traditional system where all three is under one guild. This makes a bigger community with a lot more to do and promotes growth as players would invite their friends in one guild rather than jumping around guild to guild. Personally it makes me feel less of a whore, but that's just me. If said friend does not prefer said guild, there is always the friend's list and the party function, which is what Guild Wars 2's guild system amounts to. If you do not like said guild, simply leave and join one where the community and it's leader better suits you. I live in New York City, and I imagine this being as if a person wanting to represent 2 gangs. You gunna get a bullet in yo head son.

I do not believe the traditional system itself, is in any way corrupt or flawed, nor is it outdated. I am for it because I have experienced a much better gameplay that even GW2's in all it's glory can not surpass. But of course that is my opinion.

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