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The Ultimate List of Changes You'd Like to See / Suggestions

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#121 Todoni


    Pale Tree Seedling

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Posted 15 October 2012 - 08:27 AM

These things have been said before, but I feel the need to reiterate, because it will make me feel better, and the more people who suggest/complain, the more likely the topic it will be paid attention:
- Please tweek the camera control, especially to pull the view back a lot farther...
- please let me have more choices in my skills. I kinda like having the skills depend on the weapon i am using...but I want more choice. Maybe not the 100's we have with gw, but maybe about 10-30 skills per weapon. So , even if I have the same weapon, I can have a completely different set of skills than the guy standing next to me. So if I can have 4 weapons, thats 40-120 skills?
- let me control where I place a skill, in to which slot
- if I am level 40, and the boss is level 40, then why does it take 30 min, for 5 level 40 people, to kill one level 40 boss? The story bosses are way too hard to kill
-the cost of transporting is way too high...cut it in half. (if I get 97 pennies to complete a Heart area...but getting there cost 88 pennies... plus if I die, then i might have to transport out , plus the cost of repair...it could cost me more to complete a heart, than the reward!)
- if the high cost of transport is to encourage us to stay immersed in the world, and not to just zip around via transport links, then please give us ways to run around faster. (those Moa's look an awful lot like Chocobo's)
- this game is soo great for choosing exploring , or choose fighting, that i feel it provides whatever im in the mood for. however...if im in the mood for exploring, then give me a way to avoid the mobs better....keep mobs off of the path. And please! some of the jumping puzzles are hard enough without being eaten every time, too. no mobs in the jumping puzzles.
- would it be possible to be in the PvP worlds just as an observer? Or have a potion that changes my appearance, make me a non-combatant? Such as, if I take a potion to change me in to a bird. or a golem, I cant fight. So...why then can other people or animals fight me? Potion to change to another form,either let me fight back, or make me so I cant be fought. Sort of...not interactive. You already cant jump in an altered state, ( I tried) all I can do is run around. So as long as I cant fight, then nothing should fight me. It would be nice to observe some of the fighting, maybe learn some stuff by watching others.
---Finally, given some earlier post informatin, I hereby gibe Anet permission to read this post, and perhaps change something, and I promise I wont sue.
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#122 Taran


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Posted 16 October 2012 - 08:52 PM

There have been many good suggestions in this thread, so I will try not to repeat what's already here. There is one suggestion I would like to add that does not seem to have come up yet:

Grand Dynamic Events - I would like to see dynamic events taken to a higher level than what we have seen so far. Take a dynamic event and 'stoke it up' so to speak. For example, in Gendarran Fields, there are human settlements and centaur camps. One dynamic event has centaurs attacking Nebo Terrace (a human settlement). Usually there are anywhere from 2 to 10 human players to help out. The dynamic event seems to scale the number of centaur to the number of defenders. And in most cases, its fun. But it would be nice if the dynamic event were scaled up (say once in a week's time) where the centaurs attacking were given say three more levels, and increased their numbers by another 50%, and have a really good chance to take over Nebo Terrace... burning homes and setting up siege equipment to defend their new acquisition, and beginning to transform Nebo Terrace into a centaur village. And likewise, human forces would try to take back Nebo Terrace. And say, after a week, perhaps scale up the human forces (if they haven't taken it back yet), to do just that. And after such an event, you would have people repairing homes, rebuilding broken walls, and so forth. In essence, I'm suggesting that at least some dynamic events become a little more "dynamic" than what they are now. And similarly, more "dynamic" changes in terrain and environment than what we have now.

Map Level Dynamic Events - on the same theme as above, it would be interesting to have an "army" of centaur sweeping across an entire map (or half a map) moving from place to place, attempting to conquer places. Or perhaps a dragon flying through a map, burning local populace (beasts, npcs, and players) like a "world event". Refugees can "pop" into major villages and cities crying out for help against the dragon destroying their homes in <insert map location>.

I guess overall, I'm suggesting more "dynamism" in the dynamic events. Right now, it feels like the same events with the same outcomes all the time with very little impact on the world.

Edited by Taran, 16 October 2012 - 08:53 PM.

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#123 Alaroxr


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Posted 17 October 2012 - 03:06 AM

If you're going to just make an entire list, why not just get rid of the whole forum section, as this one thread does the exact same thing.
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#124 Cebbar


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Posted 18 October 2012 - 11:24 AM

17) Mounts. Was always a huge fan. Now, after seeing AWESOME vehicles in the Black CItadel (tanks, bike-like vehicles) I'm even more hyped about them. Just AWESOME, GJ ANet for the design.

no no no no no no no no NO NO NO NO!

I do not want to see everyone rushing around in their own Charr Tank. No.

As for what I'd like to see. I'd like to see three changes to dungeons:

1. Compulsory Story Mode once per account per dungeon in order to access Explorable Mode (on any character on that account). No Story Mode skipping by entering someone else's Explorable instance.

2. A small (~20) token reward for players who have already completed Story Mode, completing it again to help out friends or other players. C'mon, it's a route like any other, and I actually think a few Story Mode routes are harder than some of the Explorable routes. Not worth the full 60, since I seem to recall ArenaNet mentioning Story Mode is designed to be played through once for the story, but just a little something to help encourage other players to help out.

3. A dungeon random queue system. You speak to the dungeon NPC, and queue up for a random group over which you have no control. I've often wondered whether or not I'm truly in favour of a dungeon finder. There are merits to not having one, as well as having one, but on balance I'd like to see a system whereby you queue for an instance and when 5 people are in the queue a group forms automatically and gives you the entry prompt. If someone decides to quit out and the first chest has not been reached they are replaced by the next available player in the queue. It's an unrefined idea, yea, but for those who want to find a dungeon group but not sit forever in LA or the instance zone it might be a happy medium.
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#125 iNHALE


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Posted 01 November 2012 - 09:29 AM

Haven't read the whole thread so don't know if it's been up before, but I really want a tab/window for all the mini-pets, like you have in many other mmo's, (wow and aoc for example) so you don't have to have them taking up room in your inventory.
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#126 Solid_Gold


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Posted 01 November 2012 - 09:38 AM

There's some great idea's throughout this thread (And some daft ones ha), quite a few idea's I would love to see in the game that would extend the games longevity and reasons for logging on.

Now if only ArenaNet would listen to us, I wonder even if they bother reading any of this.
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#127 My Sweet Lily

My Sweet Lily

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Posted 02 November 2012 - 04:58 PM

Please make me able to sell my light dungeon armor piece, as I can't wear it. I want my tokens back! Or make all other than medium armor unavailable to me to buy, as I'm a ranger. Why can I buy light armor with medium armor class? Anet, make this happen.
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