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Professions and Weapons in expansions

expansions skills weapons

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Posted 31 August 2012 - 10:47 PM

It seems silly to be going on about this already in week 1 of release, when most of the developers have yet to have more than 5 hours of sleep a night.

However in the long hours where I am not at home and thinking about playing the game; I come to "can this be even more awesome?"

While the conceptual folks at ANet are doubtlessly already brainstorming and doing preliminary artwork; most of us have some ideas as well. Here's a few thoughts in regards to the return to Cantha and Elona that will most likely take place after a lot of dragon killing expansions.

New Weapon(s): Halberd, 2-handed Axe, metal knuckles, Bo Staff (different than caster staff)

New Profession: Samurai
Armor class: Adventurer
Weapons: sword, greatsword, shortbow, halberd, warhorn
Theme: A mystical warrior. In practice a medium dmg output with ritualist themed utilities and skills. Like the thief it is a melee class but instead of stealth and high movement it'll have indirect magical skills for support.
Profession Mechanic: Bushido. Similar in practice to Adrenaline, it'll fuel their ritualistic abilties.
Skill Ideas:
Banzai charge, rush foe and knockdown
Honor Stance: Gain 8 stacks of might and damage reduced 50%, movement reduced 80%
Sword Wave: (with sword equipped, #5 skill high cooldown) Swing your sword and release energy wave. Causes weakness, range 700
Brutal Weapon (F1): charge your weapon with Brutal Weapon. Next 3 attacks are critical hits if you have no boons on you, otherwise you miss.
Nightmare Weapon (F2): Charge your weapon with Nightmare weapon. Next 2...4(based on level) attacks steal health.

New Profession: Monk
Armor class: scholar
Weapons: Bo Staff, knuckles, scepter, dagger, longbow
Theme: NOT A HEALER. I envision something like the DnD monks. High mobility attacks with many disabling attacks and conditions.
Profession Mechanic: Tranquility, similar in practice to initiative; but instead of fueling melee attacks it fuels it's F1-F4 skills that are meditations.
Skill Ideas:
Leaf On the Wind: Gain swiftness for 12 s, 3 stacks of vigor 20sec cooldown
Splinter Shot (longbow): If shot is blocked, the arrow splinters causing AoE dmg and bleeding in target area.
Staff Whirl(Bo Staff): swing bo staff very fast to block all projectiles for 3 sec, 20sec cooldown.
Adder Strike (knuckles): strike a single enemy. Cause weakness and vulnerability to enemy.

There's a lot more to add to those ideas, and I wish the profession mechanics were more original. However it's a start.

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#2 Rukioish


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Posted 31 August 2012 - 11:59 PM

I just want more weapons available to engi.
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