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Some critique on my Sword&Shield/Hammer build?

bleeds knockdowns hammer sword shield warrior

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Posted 03 September 2012 - 01:14 PM


Maybe a little different compared to most other peoples builds, I've been using this since I got into my 20's and it's been doing well so far. The third utility slot is a bit fluid, I change it out depending on what the situation calls for such as banners for grouping or Stomp for even more control.

The build is focused on getting my adrenaline up quickly, while also playing defensively. I'm dumping my burst skill with the sword usually at one pip simply because the damage doesn't increase(unless the tool tip is wrong). Between the daze and block with my shield the #4 and #5 skills on my hammer and at times the burst skill for hammer I can usually wade into a group of enemies and come out standing.

I'm mostly stacking a mixture of condition damage, toughness and precision but since I'm still leveling I of course change things depending on what would be an upgrade. The build seems to be good for solo play, but shines exceptionally when I play with others. I've taken this into dungeons, and using the first as an example I was able to keep one of The Lover's in Ascalonian Catacomb's completely locked down on my own.
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