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120 DE for 1 Exotic armor acceptable?

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#151 Arquenya


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Posted 08 October 2012 - 09:50 AM

"Guild Wars 2 takes everything you love about Guild Wars 1 and puts it into a persistent world"

Yes it's a bit sad.

Max stat gear in GW: Prophecies was very easy to get. Hence the Drok runners, you didn't need anything more, stats wise, and the rest was purely cosmetical.

Now in GW2 for optimized (best) armour and 1 (set of) weapon(s) you need:
6 pieces of exotic gear 240-280 silver each, say 16 gold
2-4 pieces of exotic weapons, say 7 gold
5 pieces of jewelry say 250 silver each, say 12 gold
6 sigils to update your armour, 15 gold (for some classes - like rangers - it's less)
2-4 weapon updates, say 6 gold
----------------------- +
56 gold

That's one set of max stat armour like in the original GW:Prophecies. When you reach lvl80 an anverage player may have between 10 and 15 gold. So apparently that leaves quite a lot to be farmed ("grinded")! Let alone when you want more weapon sets, that's another 4-5 gold a piece. Compare that with GW's collectors.
And I'm not talking about and extra MF set (worst invention ever) or any special armour skins!

I do see a notable difference :-)

I'm not saying that GW2 is all that bad but it definitely deviates a lot from GW's original idea that put far more emphasis on experimenting with builds and teamwork, the skill > gear idea.

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#152 Lordkrall


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Posted 08 October 2012 - 09:52 AM

Ah yes, because we all know those runes in GW was free.. :)
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#153 XPhiler


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Posted 08 October 2012 - 09:59 AM

Also another thing to consider is unlike gw1 you can complete any content just fine without having any exotics at all! actually you can just complete any content in basic level 80 armor and you get rare / masterworks for free from drops fairly quickly! In Gw1 you wouldnt be able to.

Obviously you're right, they did change the phylosofy but the extra stats you gain from exotics in my opinion are entirely optional! you'll not be bared from doing any content without them. They can just be threated like cosmetic, something you get at your own pace while enjoying the game!
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#154 Red Sonya

Red Sonya

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Posted 03 January 2013 - 01:12 PM

Guild Wars lasted years and didn't have any grind to get the max statted gear. It worked there..so why the change?

But it DID have GRIND to get the BEST LOOKING GEAR and it added GRIND for a LOT of other things also because players were complaining there was nothing to really do after MAXING out levels and getting best gear.
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#155 Fenice_86


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Posted 03 January 2013 - 02:23 PM

remember u get jugs of karma every daily and 10 every month (4.5k Karma pt each right?) with a karma booster only(50% more karma gain), there are a few more karma boosters avaiable & stackable.
It's enough to hold all ur jugs of a month to get 270k Karma (u need 252k Karma for full armor) so you can actually skip a few dailies too...

Is that ok for ya?

Edited by Fenice_86, 03 January 2013 - 02:27 PM.

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#156 Serris


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Posted 03 January 2013 - 02:49 PM

this is false...exotic armor has the same stats as rare amor...the only difference is skin.....the reason those two are different in the picture is because

one is power, toughness, condition....the other is power, precision, condition.....you'd have to compare that Nightmare sword of dreams to a rare sword that has power, toughness, condition on it

no, you are just flatout wrong.
exotic is better than rare. but 2 exotics are of equal power, but different stat spreads.
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#157 Naevius


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Posted 03 January 2013 - 02:56 PM

1] Don't revive old, dead threads from months ago, please.

2] Karma armor is now practically the easiest/cheapest to get, since jugs were introduced.

3] Exotic armor has 13% stats better than rare of the same level.
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#158 unraveled



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Posted 03 January 2013 - 07:52 PM

1] Don't revive old, dead threads from months ago, please.

This. If a thread is that old you need a shovel to find it please just leave it to moulder quietly and, if the topic justifies it, start a new thread.
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