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Viable Minion Build?

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#1 WildmanUK80


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Posted 04 September 2012 - 10:19 AM


I used to play a Necro/Monk Minion Master in GW1 and was looking for a similar style build in GW2.

Up to now ive been rolling with a condition based build and stacking condition damage on gear.

Got plague elite skill then got 10 more points and decided to get the elite minion I had most of the other minions from the buying the 5/5 to get to the next tier so decided to try out a minion build.

At first I thought ive only got well of blood that can aoe heal my minions to keep them up but then noticed Mark of Blood Staff skill bleeds foes and gives regen to allies.

In GW1 the idea of the build was the pets did all the damage mostly and you kept the pets up. This was a bit different as pets constantly lost health in GW1 so you have to keep them topped up or summon new ones on the fly etc.

I was wondering for a minion build using a staff for the mark of blood and well of blood for healing what would the best stat to stack be.

I currently have gear with +condition damage and precision but also a set with +power and precision, I was thinking earlier would it be better to stack +healing gear then the health regen and well of blood would be a lot more powerful and able to keep the minions up?


This would be roughly the build I would go for.

One thing ive found is sometimes minion work fine and other times the stand about looking lost.

The other benefit of this would be the aoe heals would be helping any party members or nearby allies other than the minions.

Any feedback on this would be most appreciated.


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#2 Mathog


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Posted 04 September 2012 - 03:01 PM

I'm a 70lvl necro using only MM, and I think I won't be able to play another build. I just love minions.

I'm going for something like this http://gw2skills.net...aUDSh7lW0DhdslB.
Staff: imo "must have" with MM build.
Scepter: very helpful when you're out of minions and you have to just run for 10-20s. Also very good when you have 100% life force and you're focused on one big target.
Warhorn: Daze is helpful too, Locust Swarm mostly to run faster OOC.

I want to have as much crit. change as I can so I spent 30 points in Curses.

I was trying Transfusion and Vampiric Master in the Mists. You get 79hp for each minion attack. Transfusion is not bad but I don't think spending 10 point in Blood Magic is worth it. Mark of Blood is better because it has only 6/4.8s recharge. I wish I could activate this mark without making enemy stand on it. A long time ago I read that you'll be able to activate marks by pressing the skill again, or is it my imagination? It would fix minions' OOC regen issue.

I spent only 20 point in Death Magic because Death Magic point itself doesn't give your minions any buffs, and Death Nova is imo weak.

Blood Fiend is important because you can always destroy it and gain hp, its attack doesn't heal very good but it's ok. Most important is that this is a minion. Minion -> a wall between you and enemy -> enemy loves attacking range minions -> you're safe.

BTW, when I'm OOC I replace Bone Fiend to Spectral Walk. With warhorn's speed buff and Spectral Walk and +20% boon duration from Death Magic I have about 55s/min swiftness.

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#3 TheDemonicSpirit


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Posted 04 September 2012 - 03:10 PM

I'm a Minion-Master and with the good traits I can be an immortal XD

I siphon health as long as I breath :)


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#4 WildmanUK80


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Posted 05 September 2012 - 08:23 AM

Currently only lvl 40 just unlocked the master traits and specced as follows


I have gone down an odd path and stacked 100% +healing gear, well ive made the gear myself and its using the insignias that give + healing and + power.

With the minions having more health and the constant health regen from Mark of blood they seem virtually unkillable, I was fighting mobs a couple of levels higher and even pulled a few at once by accident and walked away with full minions.

Tend to open with Staff attack 1 wait for the minions to attack drop mark of blood down then chillblanes and then putrid mark for the combo.

After that keep dropping Mark of blood on CD to keep the regen on the minions, if it looks a bit mental I drop mark of blood, switch to focus get the regen off the attack 4.

If it gets really messy I can drop well of blood which ticks for about 260 per tick with all the + healing and also switch to death shroud and life transfer which heals all the minions with the trait.

I was rocking with the bone minion at first but found it was dying a lot as its ranged and so missed the health regen from mark of blood etc, so felt it was better to get the + power from the signets passive.
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#5 KrakenAZ


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Posted 05 September 2012 - 07:14 PM

One thing I noticed when tinkering with weapon choice, is that apparently pets don't qualify as "allies" when it comes to the focus ability Reaper's Touch. Even if there are no players near the target, pets will not gain regeneration (and I'm fairly certain the projectile doesn't even bounce, meaning you're doing less damage). Seems like a bug to me, but maybe there has been some statement in the past that it is working as intended? Pets do benefit from marks, a-la mark of blood, so it could just be a projectile-based bug/feature.
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#6 WildmanUK80


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Posted 06 September 2012 - 08:58 AM

Will have to check out reapers mark later, I was under the impression it either bounced between allies or foes, but then noticed last night when I fired it off with no foe it just flew off into the distance. From that I was under the impression it had to hit a foe first with the initial damage and then it bounces between foes or allies with the condition/boon.

I will have to check with 1 enemy and all my minions up and see if it gives them the regen.

Although to be honest with the CD on mark of blood being so small I tend to just use that, then well of blood and life transfer when needed.

At level 40 and 20 pts into death 10 pts into blood and a lot of +healing gear the regen on Mark of Blood does 680 over 6 secs. I have a couple of runes of Dwayna (sp?) that I will be adding to armor once I get some new gear crafted they will fit onto. The set bonus for 1 is +15 healing which is ok but then the 2 part bonus is 15% duration on regenation boons which should help the build a lot.

The gear I can craft at the moment has +healing and +power not sure if it exists but perfect for my build would be +healing with +condition damage, as it would boost the bleed from mark of blood as well as the regen.
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#7 Viashiva


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Posted 06 September 2012 - 01:11 PM

I love my minions even though the Flesh Golem does go insane and chain pull at times. Though i've not had that many problems with killing solo i've done most everything solo with my minions.

I went with http://gw2skills.net...RT9kCuBH6xt6KNA as my build.

I should hit 80 today i do swap alot of my minion skills out in dungeons though they just die way to fast for them to be usefull.

All in all they may bug at times but i've gotten a lot of rally's when i pull to much thanks to a flesh golem that hits for well over 1k per swing. And really if you wait a few seconds after a pull the flesh golem heals back to full and the rest well they're just fodder anyway.
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#8 Carnifax


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Posted 12 September 2012 - 11:24 AM

Quick question on Bone Minions & Death Nova. If I blow the blighters up manually using Putrid Explosion does it trigger the poison cloud from the trait?

If so does that mean that 1-2 exploding them when they are side by side will do a Poison Field / Blast combo?
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