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Should I drop my guardian if I want to WvW?

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Posted 10 January 2013 - 02:17 PM

My main was a Warrior, but during the leveling to 80 as pure mele and in both PvE/dungeons and at my starts in WvW I feel it a little weak and vulnerable despite the damage output -probably due a bad choice of gear/traits-. Then I started to use GS/Rifle and things started to work.

   As second character I build a Guardian, asking for more survability; thanks to both a better knowledge of the game mechanics and a wiser selection of gear and traits, and it worked well -compared to the Warrior 1/3 of the deaths in PvE-. Then I started to play WvW.

   At the beguining I was a little overwhelmed/worried due the lack of comparable ranged attacks -imo Warrior's Rifle is better than Guardian'sScepter or Staff as general rule-, so ended using a pure mele Hammer/Greatsword build. It ended with my Guardian being as successful as my Warrior, if not more, but with a very different role.

   As Warrior, in WvW I play mostly in the front line, using the Rifle to suply constant damage and crippling foes, kitting when the enemy forces are larger and using bullrush and the gs skills when the frontlines colides.

   As a Guardian, I'm aware about the limitations of my ranged options, so if the team is fighting at long ranges I just provide support: with Wall Of reflection, Aegis, Dome, Retreat and wathever skill I find useful for the group, without caring about doing damage or chasing enemies. As soon as a fight has a chance to going mele I try to fill the gap without being targeted, and once you're in the dogfight Guardians are one of the more dominand and disruptive forces in the game: you can use the Hammer skills to spam massive AoE damage, imprison, cripple/knockdon and segment enemy groups (Hammer 3, 4, 5, Shield 5, Dome...)...  You're acting like a Starcraft II's Protoss Sentry, clogging enemy units, making them easy targest for your ranged team forces meanwhile your sustained AoE dps and your high survability complement your insane control tools.

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