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Farming Arah for equipment viable? It takes forever!


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Posted 06 September 2012 - 02:48 AM


Basically since I looked at the game for the very first time to me it was obvious that I would be farming dungeons for equipment. Doing WvW all day seemed very slow to me (SO many badges ...) and crafting... meh, hitting the same mob for hours to get some materials? Sorry, I have had my share of korean grinding games - no more!

Today I had my first successful Arah Explorable run. We started trying yesterday, but we had a few issues with "Giganticus Lupicus", that we managed to solve today. Some of us are already frustrated by how long it took us (4 hours!) but I hope we can do another run tomorrow to see if we can't decrease this time by ... a lot.

My point is: Do you think this time is in any relation to what the reward is? We were lacking DPS (our team consisted of 2x Warrior, 1x Guardian, 1x Ranger and 1x Mage) and we got lost once or twice (the instance is HUGE by the way) so I think we might be able to get our time to around 3 hours with a bit more DPS in the team. We also found one shortcut that saves a small amount of time (not a glitch, just a hidden path) I hope, that iff we look more closely, we'll find more shortcuts that save more time.

Right now I think the instance has 2 problems:

1. Boss HP: Having a challenging boss is one thing, but although I died a lot the first we tried it was still fun. The boss fight takes more than 10 minutes but due to the fact, that he has 3 phases I'll grant him that.
It's a completely different thing when you have a rather trivial boss however and it still takes you 15 minutes to beat him, this is the case for "Berserker abomination". The guy is a monster, that's completely immune to all status effects (no matter what, he gets rid of it within a matter of 0.5 seconds). That means bleeding and burning does not apply to him. This cripples the damage of some classes severly. As if that wasn't enough he has insane hp. I can obviously not give a number or even an accurate estimate, but let me just say, that 30 seconds of full damage do not make a visible difference on his health bar. This does however not make the moss more diffcult: we easily kited him and I don't think we had a single death during that fight. His special mechanic is, that he can go into "berserk mode" in which he deals a lot more damage and you can only stop him by killing one Inquest that spawn around him and take theier tranq guns.
Although this boss was trivial (No ANet, that does not mean buff him!! Change his mechanics, yes, but buff him no! He would be one-shotting everyone, it would be even less fun than the fight is right now.) it took us forever to complete. That imho is terrible design.

2. The amount of trash mobs: It's not even funny how much time you're actually wasting on trash mobs. The bosses take long, but I think we only spent around 1 hour on boss fights - the remaining 3 hours were lost in fights vs trash mobs. They are challening, but they're also numerous. I didn't count but they were endless. I think half of them should be removed. Especially the Champion abominations in front of "Giganticus Lupicus". All of them are harder than story mode bosses, but killing them gives no reward. I think next time we'll just run past most of them and hope we don't have to respawn on bosses. They take longer than story mode bosses too, because their HP, too, is insane.. Really, they were what made the dungeon such an unpleasant experience: You're basically doing a boss ... without recieving any boss loot. I'll make sure to count how many trash mobs there actually were next time, so I can give those of you who haven't tried Arah yet a better impression, but for now believe me, that there were way too many.

We did the 2nd route btw, the one that makes you look for the technology of some extinct people who shifted out of our plane with their magic. Sadly I don't remember the name, but the respective NPC is the Asura woman.

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Posted 19 September 2012 - 03:31 PM

so is there any viable paths or ways to get arah tokens after these dungeon update etc
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