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Melee mesmer advice

melee mesmer sword snare

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#1 Falhawk


    Asuran Acolyte

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Posted 06 September 2012 - 10:22 AM

I really like the idea of a melee oriented blade-swinging scholar, a "battlemage", and think the mesmer comes close to this ideal.

However, I have tried practicing the melee mesmer i spvp and found it to be quite challenging. My issue is that with restricted access to snares and no knockdowns, etc., I find it hard to stick to a target. I have to rely on the pistol stun and to some extent the domination signet stun, which limits my build possibilities. Otherwise, most (ranged) classes can kite me very easily. Against melee foes, where kiting is not that much of an issue, I cannot freely go toe to toe as the Mesmer is a somewhat fragile scholar, and here snares etc. could also help me apply a hit and run tactic.

This is not a whine post. The above is based on my own (lack of) experience and I am simply curious as to whether anyone feels the same or have any tips on how to build and practice a melee Mesmer with success in pvp? Also, I have no idea on how to trait for a solid melee oriented Mesmer?

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#2 Marasamune


    Fahrar Cub

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Posted 06 September 2012 - 12:08 PM


Thats the build i use between pistol stun, signet stun, greatsword knockdown, sword skill 3, and iberserker; i have no problem with kiters or kiting.
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#3 Yonnystarr


    Fahrar Cub

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Posted 06 September 2012 - 12:42 PM

Edit: DERP forgot to link the build: http://gw2skills.net...ooQygkAJLSOkkIB

I run a similar build to Marasamune. I usually have no problem fighting ranged classes with abilities like Illusionary Leap/Swap, Domination Trinket Stun, Pistol Stun, and Temporal Curtain. YES, Temporal Curtain! I feel like this ability is severely underrated. After you cast the curtain you can use the ability again to pull your opponents right to it! It knocks them down, interrupts, and drags them across the screen like a rag doll - very satisfying! Sometime I will cast it right in front of myself, gain swiftness, and detonate it to pull ranged into my Blurred Frenzy. It's also really good for pulling down pesky ranged who think they are safe shooting at you from atop a ledge.

My entire build is based upon two tactics

1.) Cones cripple, confuse, and apply random debuff when destroyed. Spells like Illusionary leap and Decoy are great for pumping out clones, as is the trait to create a clone upon dodge. I just love casting Decoy and watching a spam-happy thief waste 3 heartseekers on my clones, only to get nasty debuffs stacked up on him. I only shatter when I need the burst, or really need the distortion.

2.) Interruption (aside from being really annoying for the opponent) deals damage, applies vulnerability as well as random debuffs, and grants me fury. That means when I interrupt a foe with Temporal Curtain, and knock them down and drag them to me, they will be taking a LOT of damage from that blurred frenzy. This build has five ways to potentially interrupt an opponent. I will list them from what I have found to be the most reliable abilities to less reliable.

1. Magic Bullet - Ranged stun on a good cooldown
2. Signet of Domination - Another ranged stun, not dependent on weapon
3. Mantra of Distraction - Subtle, but can be very useful for interrupting heals. Still, I find it a bit underwhelming. I wish the trait to stun 50% on daze was built into this skill, or the cast time was shortened.
4. Temporal Curtain - GREAT interrupt that also knocks down the opponent and pulls them to or away from you. Must be careful because if they opponent is too far out of range it will not snag them. Also, the curtain only lasts a few seconds so make sure you remember to detonate before it disappears! Placement is key with this ability.
5. Diversion - I use this occasionally. Good to keep an opponent locked out for a bit, but not reliable as an interrupt.

Since you are melee, you also have to anticipate taking some nasty hits. Aside from the interruption and stun that allows you to hinder the offense other melee fighters, this build has several ways to get the heat off you if need be, and survive and escape from dangerous situations. Decoy is always a good choice. I also have the trait that uses another Decoy at 25% health, and Mass Invisibility is decent although the cast time is a bit long. Moa Morph is always a good alternative if you don't want the extra invis. Traits to grant regen and protection upon 75% health are always good as a melee fighter.

I can usually win any one on one that I encounter and can entertain 2+ enemies for minutes at a time, with chance of bursting one down lest they become too careless. 3+ enemies is always difficult, but I have no problem escaping with decoy/mass invis and temporal curtain. Again temporal curtain is great. You gain swiftness, they gain cripple, and once they pass the curtain detonate it to knock them all down and pull them back to it :)

Mirror is in the build because Ranged is always a potential problem as a melee fighter. The reflect is not much, but it's better than nothing and I find my clones are usually killed off before I can use Ether Feast to its full potential. Mantra of Recovery is a decent alternative I guess? I just don't like that long casting time when I already have Mantra of Distraction to cast. Also I use Rune of the Centaur, which grants 12 seconds of swiftness when using a healing ability. So Mirror (on a 15 second CD) combined with Temporal Curtain means I have perma swiftness. It's a strong build if you like running around harassing opponents, killing off stragglers and lone defenders, and stealing undefended points. With cripple from clone death and temporal curtain, along with swiftness from heals and temp curtain, I find that I can usually out-maneuver any melee and can catch up to (almost) all ranged without even using a stun or leap ability.

Edit 2: A huge weakness to this build is conditions, especially bleed. But as a mesmer with reliable clone production, cloaks, and swiftness, I am usually nimble enough to be avoiding heavy bleeds from stacking up on me.

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#4 lay


    Asuran Acolyte

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Posted 07 September 2012 - 07:37 PM

I run an almost identicaly build as jhonny, with may e one different trait - i'd have to double check at home. I've also only just started using the focus, and the pull is a lot of fun, previously i've been running sword/pistol and sword/sword. So far i've never had any real problems with ranged, even before the use of the focus, but i run significantly different utilities. Typically, i will go with decoy / null field / feedback or the one that swaps conditions with boons (forgot the name). Mass stealth as an ultimate generally, although i mix it up quite a bit. You cannot really go wrong regardless, our ultimates are all nice. Mostly, i choose utilities that would help desl with our weakness - conditons. Besides, there is nothing more satisfying then seeing those juggernaut guardians happily wrecking people with a million buffs up suddenly pop the second you place null field on them. (time it right so you can burst his health while the field is up).

For ranged you have several options, if your pistol is out, stun them into an immob/leap/frenzy burst. If your dual swords are out, you can just block while they try and attack you, and they generally freak out when a clone pops out next to them. If they dont attack you, just use the block ability again to daze them (which causes damage etc with the spec). The spec i have plays a lot with boosting interrupts as well, so any interrupt isnt a bad thing. If you're really hurting, drop a feedback, or stealth, retreat, and try again. Really, after having experimented with tons of different mesmer specs, this is the one i've found that suits me for the smaller fights in spvp and tpvp. Between blurred / disorient / amd blocking, you're fairly tanky for a mesmer at least. And when all else fails, pull pff a bit of smoke n mirrors and disappear, lol. I also use the runes of lyssa so ultis clear all conditions and give all boons, plus our awesome 20s cd heal grants a boon too! Fun times.

Side note: wvwvw, i much prefer a glamour build, that's gotta be hands down my favorite thing to run, and will occasionally run a glam build in spvp/tpvp too!

Edited by lay, 07 September 2012 - 07:39 PM.

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