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Runic Gaming - Top-Tier Gaming Without Massive Time Commitments

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Posted 07 September 2012 - 07:46 PM

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Hey Folks,

Bold here to let those looking for a guild know about Runic Gaming. We're still looking for like-minded players to join our tight cohesive (but not cliquey!) group. See below for more information:

Guild Name: Runic
Server: Fort Aspenwood
Website: http://www.runicgaming.com
Playstyle: Top Level Performance, Without the Massive Commitment. (Semi-Hardcore PvX)
Hours: Player base is about 20 hours a week. We play during primetime hours from about 6pm EST to 1am EST. While the majority of our players are on the east coast, we have quite a west coasters as well. Guild events are about 10 hours a week, Guild event start times will try to find a good balance between east coast and west coasters (not too late, not too early). In the past we've started events at approximately 8pm EST.

TL;DR Summary:

We've been playing MMOs a looonnnngggg time. All of us used to be hardcore cutting-edge players, but with the onset of our careers, we recognize that we have now responsibilities that need to come first. Not willing to give up our experiences on the cutting edge of gaming content, we formed Runic to provide top level gaming without the time-consuming drama and unrealistic time commitment. We are close-knit, dedicated, call each other by our first names and operate in a democratic fashion (1 person, 1 vote. No overbearing guild leaders).

We've all done the world-first, server-first, #1 ranking on the server thing and know how to quickly perfect and complete encounters without wasting "deadtime". The majority of the membership is made up of former guild leaders and officers of some of the most successful guilds in MMOs. We try to achieve top-tier gaming without expecting a grueling schedule. Want to go out with your friends? Go ahead. Have life/family/work commitments? We understand. Do we expect consistency and for you to be on often (especially on guild voted upon event days)? Yes.

We are looking for like-minded players who believe a guild tag means something, are always willing to help others (guildmate or non-guildmate), uphold the highest standards of public integrity and want to be the best without having to deal with the massive time commitment. We still play often (after work most days and weekends, but recognize that real life priorities come first). If this sounds like you and you are interested in joining a group of talented people that game together beyond just the flavor of the month, head over to our forums at forums.runicgaming.com.

Real Summary:

Runic is a small, tight-knit, supremely focused, comprehensively strategic, and therefore superbly effective guild that every group wants to be but few are. Founded by a company of MMO veterans and joined by strong membership from every major MMO in the last decade, Runic takes its considerable experience on the cutting edge of all its previous games to constantly push itself. For years, Runic has worked to provide a triumphant gaming experience to membership without the mind numbing endless schedule which eventually can turn the most enjoyable pastime into a job and a chore. To this end, Runic features the very highest quality of player, both in attitude and ability, in order to furnish an environment wherein PvE encounters are quickly perfected and PvP is conducted to the professional enjoyment of all as we stand victorious over every battlefield.


This guild is about the people within it, not the boundaries of rank or influence. To facilitate this aspiration we work on the basis of a few leaders that provide assistance to gather full strength of our association for every decision. No complicated guild structure or overbearing guild overlords, every member has an equal say and equal final vote in the guilds direction. The leadership is there to facilitate those frequent votes and provide go to points for individuals outside our guilds ranks but not outside our guilds world. It is our belief, and our experience with this system, that this level of accessibility will stimulate the creation of a cohesive unit with which to conquer and with which to enjoy our game.

Composition and Culture

So you've read our background page and our structure section, but still have questions about who we really are. What is the point of joining a guild unless you know the people in it and how they react under pressure situations. This page is designed to give you a small glimpse into our day to day Runic.

We would like to believe that Runic is an unbelievably unique guild. Why?

Simple, because this is a guild of friends and comrades. Not of "lesser minions and peasants" for officers to yell at. On our vent, we all call each other by our real first names. We treat everyone with patience and respect. Even new members quickly understand that a tight cohesive unit that cares for each other in-game and outside game will perform better across the board. We recruit very selectively because we believe that we need to fit in with how new members work just as much as new members have to fit into how we work. We all have similar interests and have conversations about politics, life, sports, video games and the biggest news story of the day. Further, we connect outside of our MMO’s to support each other in whatever we might be doing. This friendship builds camaraderie which helps us as a whole in untold ways.

What you WILL see in Runic:

-Fun. It's such a simple thing. Everyone says it, everyone states they are the guild you will have fun with. But, we assure you that our fun comes from joining our fellows in success and in learning without stress. We recruit those who can put on the business face when it is necessary but always keep that fun inside them so that if we are pushing to envelope and again doing that which has never been done before, we do it with a smile on our face.

-Accomplishment and Competitiveness. We cannot emphasize this enough. We are not a carebear guild. We are not content with being second-rate. We will be competitive. We will make a permanent dent in every world we play in. While the hardcore guilds are ramming their heads against a conflict hour after hour we will have long ago defeated it because rather than ram our heads against it we will keep our cool, examine our competition, and beat them by being smarter, quicker, and just more skilled.

What you WILL NOT see in Runic:

-Childishness. We are all in our twenties. Either with careers or beginning them. We provide a combination of focused gaming experience and real world people skills.

-The game turning into chore. You will not see endless schedules. You will see an open slate that encourages people to play the game consistently but not endlessly.

-Disrespect. We are tired of people seeing people being treated as if they didn't know their head from their toes. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone accidentally pulls that boss mob without paying attention or accidentally runs the wrong way with a flag in a scenario. How do we handle this? With humor. With a lot of humor. Yes, you may receive some grief for it through being the butt of some jokes. But you will be laughing WITH us.

How does the guild run?

Anyway YOU the members want it to. While this is a PvE focused game, never doubt we possess all the PvP experience necessary to defeat any group. As a result of our high quality members our guild facilitates itself, it runs itself, everyone works together and likes each other so conflict is rare and nobody gets left out in the cold.


We are looking for people who are the very best Guild Wars 2 has to offer. Runic is a accept no substitute success driven guild. If you can seriously be regarded as a master of your class, we want to hear from you. However, we do have a few conditions:

1) Must be 18 or older. We know many young talented gamers but are looking for people who have the wherewithal to handle their own personal issues within the game and in the real world. While age is not the absolute indicator for maturity it frequently can be. We have been known to make exceptions to this rule, but very rarely.

2) People who are consistent. Consistency is our main requirement, play less than most hardcore guilds demand and it probably won’t be a problem for us so long as when you say you will be there, you will. If however, you frequently intend to not log on for days at a time we suggest a more casual atmosphere for your dominance.

3) Mains only. Or at least, don’t expect to join us and play whatever character you are working on at the moment. While Runic will recruit the skilled, it expects that the skilled will play the character they applied with.

4) People who are skilled. Really it is not possible to stress enough the importance of ability to the members of Runic. We don't expect you to win every 1v1 or never make a mistake but we do expect you to strive for and achieve success with great frequency.

5) Commitment to making yourself better. In Runic we strongly believe that the drive to push a player to make themselves better should come from within. We do not babysit players as we believe they are responsible for themselves. This includes interest in theorycrafting, desire to research and converse on how to improve yourself.

You can find further information on recruitment process on our website at http://www.runicgaming.com.
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