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competitive ranger build for spvp. (mobility/bleeds)

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Posted 07 September 2012 - 11:05 PM

This is a condition spec that if played right can melt enemies. It should be played as a roamer and is useful solo or in team fights.


-Can stack an insane amount of bleeds in a very short amount of time with shortbow and zephyr/pet swapping.
-has 2 dazes/stuns with shortbow 5 and greatsword 5
-if you pet swap before you stomp/rez it will make it twice as fast. very useful in team fights.
-has immunity for 6 seconds and great condition removal for 1v1 and team fights.
- great mobility for roaming. Greatsword "swoop" can be used as an escape or moving around the map quickly paired with swapping to horn for swiftness.
- can kite melee well with shortbow snare and black widow root.

- even though this build has a lot of toughness it is still pretty squishy so you cant jump into the middle of a fight.
- classes with a lot of condition removal can slow down your dps a lot.

I thought this build was really fun to play and to me it seemed very powerful.

Let me know your guys thoughts!
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