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What felt missing in this Patch?

patchupdate fixes bugs suggestions dueling trading inspecting crafting collections

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#1 ZigKid3


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Posted 09 September 2012 - 04:21 AM

So GW2 had a patch come out today.

I realize this patch is mainly for bug fixes and exploits. I also realize that they plan on making several frequent small patches in the near future.

However, I felt that some things were missing. Obviously, since they aren't exploit or bug related fixes they wouldn't come out in these things in the patching process just yet. However it is my highly anticipated hope that these be implemented as soon as possible after the fixes....

- Player to player trading. Currently there is no way to trade with anyone specifically. The closest thing so far is mail. Mail is fine and dandy with friends, sure, strangers not so much. You and another guy get items you want to trade each other from some PUG in a dungeon, so who's going to take the chance and send the mail first and hope the other guy holds up his bargain? The thing with the trading post is that you can't find anyone specific either as everything is bundled up and sold anonymously (that is is unless i'm missing being able to look people up in the trading post for some reason).

- Cash on Delivery. Pretty much goes with trading

- Dueling. At the very least in the PvP area, though it'd be nicer if it were allowed in more places than just that.

- Inspecting.

- My biggest gripe is with the collections tab. Some crafting materials can not be put in the collections tab and instead take up space in your bags/bank. These items can be cooking ingredients which have no other purpose but to be used later on to cook another recipe (as the description claims) like pie filling, dough of any kind, and dressings to even the most basic of crafting supplies such as green wood dowels.

Anything else that felt missing? Or at least, should be put in very soon?

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#2 Kuro1n


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Posted 09 September 2012 - 11:56 AM

Same for some trophy items, It's damn annoying since the bank is so goddamn small.
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#3 Daldaen


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Posted 12 September 2012 - 05:43 AM

1.a. Making the minimum sale price on any item listed on the TP to be the merchant price * 1.15 (Or to account for the 5% listing fee and the 10% fee on sale... so people aren't selling at a loss, largely unknown to them I'd imagine)

1.b. Alternatively remove the 10% fee on sale from the TP would be nice, it isn't really explained all that clearly through average use of the TP, just in the help window when you first use it iirc. It is a stupid tax IMO and should be removed.

There are plenty of gold-sinks in this game to remove gold from the game. Traveling via waypoints, repairing armor, crafting materials from NPCs, harvesting / salvaging tools, and Gem/Gold transfer system. IMO its all a bit much.

Armor - Sure, some penalty for death is definitely needed.
Crafting Materials - Again sure, it makes sense.
Harvesting/Salvaging - Again sure, makes sense and you can make it back easy
Gem/Gold transfer - Great, gives players a use to their gold once they max out their gear.

2.a. Traveling Via waypoints - Stupid. Spending 5 silver to travel across the map is very annoying. Make traveling free as it was in GW1.... there are enough ways that money is taken out of the system currently, this one isn't necessary.

2.b. Respeccing Traits - Stupidish. This is less costly than traveling is, and done less frequently, but there was a reason GW1 removed the respending attribute points soon after it originally launched. The point of the game was to allow for people to experiment with different builds / combinations etc. While this is clearly a different game, and builds aren't as 'free' as they were in GW1, I am still of the belief that resetting traits should be something that can be done any time you're out of combat (just like swapping skills)

3.a. Saving builds just like you could in GW1. Allowing players to save Traits + Skills 6-10, and having a quick means to swap between em.

3.b. Allowing for 1-2 more Bandoliers (see GW1 yet again), most professions have quite a few weapon types that are viable allowing for 1 or 2 more to be swapped between would be nice, especially if you could tie those into my above suggestion (build saving)
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