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[Mesmer] Oppa Burst Style - Guide

spvp pvp mesmer burst damage dps mind wrack cof phantasms

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#31 vfptr


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Posted 18 September 2012 - 07:57 AM

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#32 YourBadKarma


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Posted 19 September 2012 - 04:53 PM

hmm never knew that, might try dual sword build then. But is it 1 attack or multiple attacks? Because I am running a phantasm fury build with bleed stack on crit. I am stacking ard 5-6 bleeds all the time on them for 1k+ dmg power build though making up for dmg difference :P.

Prefer Stun > Daze on first target because they can't move :)

You can't break daze.
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#33 Ikelos


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Posted 19 September 2012 - 09:20 PM


Standart rotation goes something like:
Mirror, Sword3, Sword3, Sword2/Mind Wrack, change to Staff, evade, staff2, evade, CoF.
Then pretty much your standart Mesmer play, I like to Decoy early in the fight to * around with them... I still have blink to escape.....

Just put down Chaos Field, PWarlock, Swap to Swords, PSwordsman, sword3, sword3, sword2. And dont forget to run after them and stick that sword1 in their face and watch it melt to some nice Crit Damage.

Mirror on CD rotation:
Start with staff3, staff5, staff2, swap to swords, sword3, sword3, sword2/Mind Wrack, evade, evade, CoF, sword5, swap to staff, staff3.....
Again I like to go Decoy here to get them confused. Put down chaos field, phantasm and swap to swords ASAP for some sweet assown with sword2/sword1.

I feel like your playstyle is better suited with a Greatsword than a Staff. You honestly aren't spending much time in Staff mode other than to drop the AoE and spawn illusions for shattering. The Greatsword illusions spawn in melee range and additionally greatsword2 grants vulnerability and might. Not only will this increase your damage but your shatters will be more reliable (no more waiting for Warlock to run in, seeing as Warlock seems to prefer spawning farther from the target).

The only advantage to staff I'm seeing here is the ability to "get out" really quickly with staff2 until you can sword swap again. But you can likely have a similar effect with greatsword5 and possibly sword4 and some utility skills. In any case it's something to consider.

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