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MY elementalist sPVP Staff Build

staff elementalist spvp crit condition damage point control trait build

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Posted 10 September 2012 - 04:47 PM

Hello, my first post here, would like to share some of my insight to elementalist sPVP to our elementalist community

I love elementalist very much, I played it since BWE 2 and pretty much all i did in BWE is pvp.

In BWE2, my build was dagger and focus, a decent melee play style with good survivability. focus in earth attunement gives 4 secs invulnerability, in water attunment, the focus ability gives freezing gust and comet, with dagger, you get 2 chill ability and a daze ability. These are AWESOME against melees. In air attunment, you get swirling wind which blocks projectiles and gale, which is a knockdown. Good against ranges. So focus with dagger gives very good survivability and control.

In BWE3, i tried D/D build, gives good mobility, but less survivable in team fight at control point, need to kite and run. My build was the signet aura build, i think the forum has a post on it.

Now, after the game release, after many trials of different build and hours of pvp (currently rank 19), i think my favorite build is actually a glass canon. here's the link and let me explain my logic.

build explanation:

this is crit/condition based build. The fire embrace gives a aura up on a signet, and zypher's boon give fury and swift based on aura, i have 3 signets and one magnetic aura, so i have 4 chance to gain the fury boon, with is 20% increase in crit chance. My base crit chance is already 68% (from the amulet and runes), with signet or fire, which is another 4%, my maximum crit chance is a whopping 92%.Upon a crit, i have 30% of applying buring (fire trait), 60% applying vulnerability (minor air trait), 60% applying bleeding (sigil of superior earth).
The reason i didn't use arcane skills is that even though it crits 100%, the the amount of crit you can apply is small. Arcane power only gives 5 crit, and each tick from aoe (lava and meteor) count as one. So arcane power get's used up fast. Therefore, for fury boon, within its duration, i get 20% crit increase. I get a lot more crit than the arcane power can provide, especially with 3 signets.

In arcane trait, i took blasting staff, this is a must have for staff play style, it increase your aoe area signifcantly, it can easily cover a control point. i also took the arcane precision.
What arcane precision does it give 10% chance applying condition base on attunement. In fire, it gives burning, in water, it gives vulnerability, in air, it gives weakness and in earth, it gives bleeding. So in other words, up on landing a crit, i now have total of 40% chance apply burning, 70% vulnerability, 70% bleeding and 10% weakness. All these conditions can be applied simultaneously if i'm air attunement or earth(first skill of earth also apply weakness)

The strength of this build is that i can build up these conditions really fast and sustain them. The normal attacks and aoe ticks all have chance to crit and apply conditions, accounting for my other staff skills that apply condition, i pretty much keeping conditions up all the time. They can't remove condition as fast as i apply to them. With rampager amulet which boost condition dmg significantly, each burning tick is 485 and each bleeding tick is 78. That just hurts.

Play style:

this build is not meant to 1v1, it's meant to help the team control the point in a grp fight. The aoe area of the staff is almost as big as the control point, dropping down these aoes in the control point, they just need to get out. Staying in the control point, they die fast from all those crits and conditions.
Sadly i don't have a video, but here's what i do usually.
I stand far away, dropping down meterior first at the control point, then i would use signet of earth to immoblize one enemy, dropping down lava, each tick of lava can be 2000 upon crit, than switching to earth, use shockwave, another immobilze and a projectile finisher, with lava field, i perform a combo apply burning, so the burning duration is increased. Then apply eruption at control point for other enemies to apply bleeding. Switching to water, drop down freezing ground first, so enemy is chilled, either they evade to get out of control point, or they need to eat up the ice spike i'm dropping later. Then to air, blind first, drop static field, then switching to fire and drop a lava inside static field. After that, you can do whatever you want, the enemies would be low or died at this point.
you can use signet of fire on any enemy at any point if you decide to get a fury aura or kill an enemy

The downside: low healthof 14k, get burst down VERY easily. Therefore, this build is hard to play, not beginner friendly. For survability, why i didn't choose mist for utility? because they would just wait for mist to end to kill me. That's why i chose teleport. If they come upon me, i would teleport to a spot behind a stone or behind them, in very chaotic team fight, they lose sight of me easily, so usually they switch target, or i get a second or two to drop down a static field, freezing ground, gyser or magnetic aura if they continue to chase. It has much better survability then mist, but you needs lots of practice to get this right. But against a thief, i just die, a sad truth lol. The teleport is also useful against other sceptor buld elementalist if they decide to immoblize and drop down a dragon tooth on me ;)
Last thing about the rune, i used lyssa, it removes all conditions and grants all boons for 5 secs upon using elite skill, (protection, retaliation, regneration, swift, etc), this did saved my ass several times, gives a bit more survivability.

That's it, you guys can try this out. Thank you very much~

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