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Ferro Ignique - With Fire and Sword (Build&Guide)

longbow sword warhorn burning bleed

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#1 Morglum


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Posted 10 September 2012 - 06:12 PM

Ferro Ignique - With Fire and Sword (Build&Guide)

I already posted this build and a short guide a while back in the beta. Not that much has change since then and the build is still my favorite. Since there were some discussions about Longbow builds recently I though I might explain the build again.
Please keep in mind that everything in this post is my personal opinion. I am not saying "do it like this or you´ll fail" or that this is the strongest build ever. It´s not. It has strengths and weaknesses as every other build. But lets begin.

The build is viable in PvP and PvE. In dungeons you´d choose Inspiring Banners though and replace bolas with another banner.
Otherwise there are basically 2 variants. Of course there are more but it´ll be too much to go into all of them. The other variants are basically going for 25 in arms to get Fast Hands and switch Quick Breathing (Warhorn) for Lung Capacity (more shouts). This way you can make better use of offhand Axe (AoE burning bolts) or offhand Mace (CC and burning) if you´d like to do that.

Teamplay / tPvP:

Solo / WvW:

The trait selection is maybe not obvious for everyone so I´ll try to explain why I chose them and not other comparable traits:

- Deep Cuts -> Increases one of your main damage sources and your burst. A no brainer.
- Opportunist -> Some might say: "why no Blademaster?" The answer to that is, that the build has 3 immobilizes and the 10% are "only" for Swords and therefore you do not gain anything while using the Longbow. Opportunist also ensures that you have fury up for Flurry. While FGJ does provide a good uptime it can always be removed. So you lose 10% potential additional crit with sword but gain a very high uptime and reapplication of fury. I replace this with Blademaster if I run with the signet.
- Furious -> Especially with Longbows autoshot and the very high crit chance this trait is very well worth it. A double-crit will give 4 strikes of adrenaline. This also counts for every crit with any attack you do. This means your Flurry crits will give you adrenaline! Also the Combustive Shot ticks can crit and will give adrenaline. For everyone they hit.

- Stronger Bowstrings -> Sometimes needed for effective Longbow play. If you prefer to use Longbow in "melee only" you can choose something else, if you find anything worthwhile that is. I replace this when I run with two banners in PvE or in tPvP.
- Shrug it off -> Works very well with Soldiers Rune. Can be replaced by Lung Capacity if prefered. But I´d only do that if a 3rd shout is chosen instead of Bolas.
- Quick Breathing -> Higher uptime on swiftness and more condition removal. Vigorous Shouts is not worth it imho without any +heal runes and stats. Unfortunately getting condition damage, crit, toughness AND heal is not possible and maybe that´s good...

- Inspiring Shouts -> More adrenaline means more combo fields / Burst bleeds. I switch this for Signet Mastery if I run with the signet.

As I already said I also played this build with Axe offhand (aoe bleed, even more adrenaline and even more fury) and Vigorous Shouts but as mentioned the healing didn´t seem worth it. For a team build and roaming the warhorn is more potent anyways. If warhorn is not desired I´d suggest going for offhand Axe and Lung Capacity for lowered shout cds. Same for Mace.

The Sigil selection is based on the current state of Sigils (shared cooldown). Otherwise the 5% crit would have been a Sigil of Superior Doom to support Flurry´s burst. There is some research on sigils floating around which might change that depending on which sigils are off cooldown.
The Superior Rune of the Soldier is very awesome and that´s well known. You support your teammates (though in a small radius) and it helps a lot in solo play as well. Unless you want to drop shouts I´d not suggest to take any other rune.

For sPvP/tPvP I suggest going with the amulet I used in the editor. For outside I´d try to get similar gear where possible. Unfortunatly there is no crafted gear with this stat combination. You can get it on the 42k Karma items (except shoulders). For the other slots you can use a combination of Rampagers and Carrions to make up for the lost toughness. If you go for full Rampagers (armor as well) you are basically a glas cannon, so don´t overdo that.

How To:
I´ll keep this short as I assume all warrior basics are known.
The specialty of this build relies heavily on the Longbow burst ability Combustive Shot.
A basic tatic for a small engagement (of course it´s always dependant on the situation) is the following: Unless you are in a zerg getting the first full adrenaline bar is the hardest part and probably is demotivating as you will not deal that much damage unless you are already in melee and using Fan of Fire at point blank. Once you have a full adrenaline bar use Combustive Shot and immediately use Pin Down if not on cooldown. Otherwise you can use Throw Bolas instead. Walk up to the target if he´s further away and while doing so use Arcing Arrow for direct damage and 3*Might and then Fan of Fire for a nice stack of Burning duration. Switch to Sword and use Savage Leap to receive Fire Armor. You should immediatly have enough adrenaline to do a Flurry and you should do so. This will keep the enemy immobilized and even a 1 bar Flurry is causing the full damage just with less immobilize.
Of course this is the ideal way how it should work and it rarely does. Enemies will use condition removal, immobilize breaker or even CC you. This is where you have to adapt and noone can tell you what to do in advance. Tip: Use Savage Leap to get out of range in between shortly before switching to Longbow.

The strength are a high burst and a pretty good sustained damage. Most players will also underestimate you and laugh at you damage until you get your first full adrenaline bar. The toughness and the vitality are also medium to high because of the traits and the gear, which gives a nice survivability together with the immobilizes. You also have a ton of condition removal which eases up the fight against other condition damage based builds.
Your main Weakness is healing. Mending is not the best heal for this purpose and you´ll rarely heal yourself up to maximum hp. Also enemy built for a lot of condition removals hurt your dps and if they combine that with healing, for example a Hammer&Shout warrior you will probably never kill them. You also have only one stunbreaker and no stability.

This sums it up pretty well I think. I hope I didn´t forget anything and didn´t mess it up somewhere. I hope this helps the warrios out there that are looking for an alternative to Greatswords&Axes. I can also recommend the Hammer&Shout warrior builds. I used pretty similar builds to the "Captain Hammer" built that Taugrim posted in beta.

Have fun and if you don´t like it, just don´t use it.
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#2 ampalaea


    Fahrar Cub

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Posted 11 September 2012 - 02:13 PM

Thank you for the guide. I will try it in WvW. I am not up for sPVP I am a pve player but WvW is nice for me :) Until now I play with GS and the Signet build for mass critical. I am 52 level atm. But I always have Longbow on swap because I like a lot the Combustion/Arcing Arrow combo in Dynamic Events :P

Do you think is vial for level 52? Does the Grandmaster Traits change this build dramatically in a way is not worthy before I have full traits?

Edited by ampalaea, 11 September 2012 - 02:14 PM.

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#3 Morglum


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Posted 11 September 2012 - 05:33 PM

They have a drastical influence of course, so has the right gear. For trying the playstyle a lower level is ok of course.
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