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What Mesmer stats should I focus on?

mesmer stats

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#1 Sparafucile17


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Posted 11 September 2012 - 08:38 PM

My Mesmer is at level 32 ATM, and I'm wondering what stats should I focus on for my gear? Initially, I felt like since I am a squishy character I should invest in +Toughness and +Vitality to improve my defense.

But I just noticed that the armor runes for mesmers are +Power and +Precision. Are those the two main stats for a mesmer? I guess some of this is personal preference, but in more tradional MMO's it was easy to know what I should invest in. (i.e. tanks = vitality and defense, DPS = power, etc)

Any tips?
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#2 Andy88


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Posted 12 September 2012 - 10:58 AM

Like u already noted, its all personal preference. This is especially true for a mesmer, since believe it or not u can "face tank" dungeon bosses, but most don't pick mesmer to do this :). So u can play like a ranged DPS, melee DPS, pet DPS, DoT condition DPS, a balanced build and so on. It boils down to what do u like most about playing a mesmer and what weapons/skills u like most.

Some hints:
All stats except vitality will be transfered to your illusions (clones + phantasms), yes this includes crit chance and toughness!
The sharper images trait combined with lots of condition damage and a high crit chance, is a very balanced and reliable clone DoT build.

GreatSword full DPS: Power/Precision/Condition Damage
Staff Condition: Toughness/Precision/Condition Damage

Since weapon sigils have really good effects on crit, building around precision/crit is nice. Toughness is more usefully to us over vitality, since vitality wont transfer to illusions, so if u don't directly shatter illusions, they stay alive longer.

Just build whatever u feel comfortable with.

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