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PVE Condition build

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#1 daxter606


    Fahrar Cub

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Posted 12 September 2012 - 01:54 PM


This is a build I came up with after trying REALLY hard to use grenades, rifle, flamethrower which I seriously can't play with. I don't like using rifle builds because I can't build a more tankish build around it so I chose dual pistols and conditions. I am not super high level but for the moment, this works well and I wonder if it will later on. The way I play it is to start of by building a flame turret because it lacks range so it won't fire on random stuff while you set up. Next build a rocket turret and go into elexir gun and stand by your flame turret. Fire the crippling shot #2 followed by the auto attack and when the mob is close to you use skill #3 followed by an acid shot to gain some range. When you land change into pistol and finish of with blowtorch or poison d'art depending on range. What I like about this build is that you can get quite a beating before going down and the turrets can usually agro the mobs giving you enough time to pump conditions. You can always change flame turret for net turret also if you want more cc.

I would still like some imput from you guys because I am not the best but am willing to learn.

By the way sorry if I wrote it all in one paragraph like that, I am on my phone and writing on this forum doesn't work well.
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#2 TerraHero


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Posted 12 September 2012 - 02:33 PM

Well some criticism. First off, Rocket Turret. Why? A 1min cd, not very high damage ability with a bad toolbelt skill if you go down the condition damage route. Besides, Turrets are completely retarted.
Why not the Flamethrower? As a dps kit, no kit beats the real weapons. But its great for CC (knockback/aoe blind) and the Napalm under a mob/enemy player deals a ton of damage. While you get a pretty decent Toolbelt skill with Inc. Ammo. Basicly 9sec of burning. Flamethrower is also very good for large packs of mobs as you'd see with DEs, a proper Flameblast followed by a spray of fire tags a lot of mobs.

Secondly, i'd drop the Flameturret aswell. Slightly better toolbelt compared to Rocket but its a short range and its dumb as spit (general turret problem, infact avoid turrets alltogether. Except perhaps Healing Turret)
Instead, get the Rocketboots. Then you also get your Stun/Cripple/Chill/Immobilize breaker + gapcloser/opener (depends how you use it). And the toolbelt is a relative shortcooldown kick that applies Burning for 5sec on just a 20sec cd. It can hit multiple enemies aswell.

Elixir X as Elite. Supply Crate is superior for any and all situations, only and only if you get both the cooldown reduction AND the duration increasement could you maybe consider it a decent choice. But then you need to realize you are going condition damage and Elixir X is a bit of CC and a lot of power-based damage. Atleast with Supply crate you get a Flameturret.

So, with Turrets out of the window (as they should be) your Trait choices are even more awkward. You aim for condition damage but completely avoid Explosives (it gives +cond. duration) aswell as a wonderful must have trait Inc. Powder. 33% on crit to apply a Burn. You want that!
Also, go full out in Firearms. Coated Bullets (pistol shots pierce) is amazing AoE damage and if you do it right you can even get two hits with a single shot on a mob. It works for Expl. Shot and applies Bleed to everything it hits. And for Poison Volley, dealing solid damage and applying poison to everything it hits.
You went for 20% longer burns, its a decent choice. I personally prefer longer range, push my Pistols beyond 1000range, but thats personal preference.

If you're gona go with Alchemy 20pts, then Deadly Mixtures wont be all that much damage. You might want to look at Cleansing Formula, or whatever that one was called that clears conditions. It can safe your, and your allies, lives.
I'd also recommend 10pts into Tools for two traits that i love so much. You can switch freely out of combat. One is Speedy Kits, together with the Med Kit's Stimulant (ability 5) thats perma-swiftness if you just keep re-equiping the medkit every 5sec. You get around so much faster, especially out of combat.
The other its Kit Refinement, equiping the Elixirgun triggers a Super Elixir on your spot. Healing you, and allies, a bit. But also creating a Light-combofield to remove conditions. Its great in dungeons. Or if you are in the heat of battle, switch to Flamethrower for an AoE flameblast that applies burning to everything near you.

So in short. Drop Turrets, get flamethrower for control+toolbelt. Get Rocketboots for escape/survivability+toolbelt. Drop Inventions trait completely. Get 10pts Explosives for Incendiary Ammunitions. Max out Firearms tree. 10pts for kit refinement/speedy kits, whatever you feel the need for more at that moment. (speedy kits for world/kit refinement for dungeons)

Edited by TerraHero, 12 September 2012 - 02:37 PM.

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#3 daxter606


    Fahrar Cub

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Posted 12 September 2012 - 03:35 PM

Yes the build need some tweets depending on what you aim for but I think that in no way is flamethrower a good kit, yes it has good cc but standing in front of a mob and missing 3/4 of the hit is in no way productive until they fix it. I agree with the elite, lol I was doing that build on my phone and miss clicked on the elexir instead of the care package.

What I think is that people tend to go the dps route, always. I was trying to make a build that makes you much much more tough while still being able dish ou conditions a bit. You can swap turrets yes but I like having at least 1 even if it's crap cause the mob always aims for it first before noticing me. I will tweek this considering what you said and try to balance it but, in no way am I using that bs flamethrower.

Edited by daxter606, 12 September 2012 - 03:38 PM.

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#4 Intoxicated


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Posted 12 September 2012 - 05:01 PM

The flamethrowers not THAT bad. Besides as a condition damage based build you shouldn't be using the #1 auto attack very much, it really isn't that reliable at applying burns. The toolbelt skill on the other hand is incredible. And the CC from the #3 knockback is on a fairly low cooldown, also the AoE blind can save your ass if you get crippled/imobilized and rocket boots is still on CD.

You already use the elixer guns #3 ability which is the same thing as flamer auto. I would try it out with a turret, just stand still while the mob goes for turret.


Theres TerraHero's build
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#5 daxter606


    Fahrar Cub

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Posted 12 September 2012 - 05:46 PM

Hhmmm that one seems pretty decent to what I want to build, I will have to give flamethrower one more chance. Was wondering tho, wouldn't it be better to get elexir B instead of rocket boots since acid bomb on the elexir gun is very similar?
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#6 Draegan


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Posted 12 September 2012 - 06:00 PM

I would use Juggernaut with that build instead of augmenting Pistols to pierce.
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#7 RieslingWine


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Posted 12 September 2012 - 07:45 PM

I would use Juggernaut with that build instead of augmenting Pistols to pierce.

sorry for being new, but how do you get juggernaut?

NVM, I got it from the wiki. +30 to firearms gets the skill.

Edited by RieslingWine, 12 September 2012 - 07:49 PM.

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