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Ranger Melee DPS

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#1 RangeDanger


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Posted 12 September 2012 - 02:52 PM

Note: This thread is for discussion and theorycrafting. Please attempt to maintain professional and friendly interactions to limit "trolling" and keep discussion on point.

I have found after leveling my Ranger "Mr Cupcakes" on server "Fort Aspenwood" That the Ranger is a wonderful and interactive melee class. One point to be noted is that there are many ways to play a ranger and all points should be considered when developing your own unquie builds and playstyle.

"IMO" I have found that Ranger "ranged" DPS becomes boring after a while. Which can be said about most classes if you don't spice things up every once in a while. Recently I have been playing my Ranger as a pure melee dps build, though at sometimes squishy if you do not maintain complete fight awareness. All things considered I am sharing my ideas for a pure melee Ranger build.

This build focuses on reaching a Crit Cap @72 percent with Fury buff from ( horn, elite skill, and weapon swaps) while chaining pet swaps and quickening zypher and Sigil of Quickness procs to maximize dps speed.

Note: I am geared in full exotic Berserker and COF badge gear for Helm-->Boot. Two piece Ruby Exotic Amulet and Ring for "Power, Crit damage, and Precision" and 3 piece Beryl exotic "ring and earings" for "Vitality, Crit Damage, and Power".

Weapon choice: Exotic Great Sword with sigil of superior strength, and Exotic Sword and Horn Combo with Superior Sigil of quickness and sigil of strength.

Pet choice: Eagle and Lynx "for the moment"

Let it be know that I am in no way an expert on Ranger Dps and have not played much with conditon builds, but i have found that this build not only supports massive burst damage, but has the ability in combonation with pet damage

For support and power increase I am testing the superior rune of the pack which has chance to buff nearby allies on attack with might and increases power and precision. Th superior rune of Strength on the weapons with the high crit chance ensures many stacks of might in combonation with timed horn blasts.

I am primarily PVE at the moment and test these builds in Dungeon.

Note: the build calculator is a bit buggy so make note it is "15 MM, 25 Skirm, 25 Nature, 5 BM" Trait talents " MM- "I" Skirm "V and I" Nature "V and IX"

The build focuses on increaseing power and vitality after reaching a crit cap.

Important info:
21 precision = 1% crit

Topical Questions:
1. Does anyone have any information on wether or not there is a crit chance cap. More precisely is there any crit percentage that once you pass Crit becomes unnessicary?

Looking forward to informative responses.
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#2 DaPala


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Posted 12 September 2012 - 08:02 PM

There is no hardcap that i know of, maybe someone will do the statistics and get a hold of the precision/crit curve?
And you'll have to do the math on when crit damage > crit chance - but anyhow, going berserks is always going to be your best bet for increasing damage.
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#3 RangeDanger


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Posted 12 September 2012 - 08:20 PM

Thank you for your reviews and comments. Another question to ask when it comes to PVE is when do you break away from Berserker type gear and start looking for more survivabilty and support in your DPS build. Pure DPS is great and straight forward. Stack Crit, Crit Damage and power.

Dead DPS = Zero DPS.

A hard part about this game is learning to balance your traits with your stats and develop a build that owns face while taking those opps my camera zoomed in moments
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