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Levelling and Open World Build and Explaination

levelling pve open world build elementalist glyph glyphs

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Posted 12 September 2012 - 04:23 PM

Welcome to my Levelling and Open World Build and Explanation. This is the first guide I've written so feel free to add advice about the writing.

I used it through a lot of my levelling and still like to use when farming and exploring at level 80, also works reasonably in WvW.

Hope you find it useful, feel free to ask any questions.

Here's the build with some example gear values.

The Rotation

The build centers around the fire attunement and stacking might (varying from 4/5 to 12+ throughout the rotation). You'll want to be cycling through all the other elements close to the minmum 11.5s although it will probably end up being a bit longer as there's a lot to do in that time. The entire attunement cycle should be around 25s.
The best attunement cycle is "Fire>Air>Water>Earth" (this will be the case with most staff based builds).

Spend about 10s in Fire to stack as much might as possible. An average cycle would contain 2 Lava Font's (2), a Flame Bursts (3), and sometimes a Meteor Shower (5). Also try and use your heal here, you can use it on full health for 2 stacks of might if you're feeling confident. When ready switch to Air.

This attunement is used least during combat (however it's great for traveling). Normally it's just a matter of using Lightning Surge (2) and optionally Static Field (5) before moving on to Water.

Open with an Ice Spike (2) and an optional Geyser (3) if you need a heal. Then you will drop either Frozen Ground (4) or Healing Rain (5) alternating which one with each cycle. Upon casting this you much immediately attune to Earth.

Drop an Erruption (2) straight away this will trigger either Frost Armor (off Frozen Ground) or an AoE Heal (off Healing Rain), however the time window is very short (don't expect to catch it ever time). After this you can use any of the (3),(4)or(5) abilities depending on the situation. This is also when I'll use my Glyph of Storms or Glyphs of Elementals. You wont want to use everything on the same rotation as you're just killing time while waiting for the cooldown of Erruption (2). When it's ready drop it down and switch to Fire.

Drop your first Lava Font (2) ontop of the Erruption to grant AoE might and then repeat.

Utility Skills

Glyph of Elemental Harmony:
This is the heal skill it grants a boon depending on your attunement. During a fight try to use it in Fire (to grant might) however that isn't always possible. When running use it in Air to grant 20s of swiftness (using it on CD means permanent swiftness so you can get places quickly).

Mist Form:
This is the "oh shit" button, when in trouble use this to give you a few seconds to cast some of the glyphs like the heal (you have enough time to cast about 1 and a 1/2 before it drops you back.

Glyph of Storms:
There's 4 different storms, Fire: Small AoE bursty damage (stacked/still foes), (Water: I don't use it), Air: Larger range AoE direct damage (spread out foes), Earth: AoE bleeds (medium spread/moving foes).

Glyph of Lesser Elementals:
This I nearly always use in Earth attunement when I want something tanked, or a bit of extra damage in a long fight. The other attunement's elementals tend to die too quickly to be effective.

Glyph of Elementals:
As above but for bigger/more enemies. You can use the other attunement's elementals here as they have a bit more health but they are still a bit squishy.

Glyph of Renewal
is an easy switch with Glyph of Lesser Elementals if you feel like jumping into a dungeon but don't want to respec. It saves someone from downed while you can still have some mobility (but remember to stay close the range is a bit strange).
Glyph of Elemental Power is handy for some extra damage if you feel you can handle mobs fine without Glyph of Lesser Elementals.
Cleansing Fire as a replacement to Mist Form provides some useful condition removal and a bit of extra damage but dropping the emergency bailout means you can't afford to mess up.


Fire Magic:
Grandmaster: This is a great way to get stacks of might which is a major focus of the build.
Master: Faster Fire spells mean more might stacks.
Adept: You have a reasonable crit chance so this trait takes advantage of this to provide some extra burning (the staff doesn't provide much on it's own).

Air Magic:
Master: Doubles the effectiveness of the boon section of your healing ability.
Adept: With 4 glyphs this cooldown reduction is really effective.

Arcane Power:
Adept: This is a staple trait for most elementalist builds, buffs are good.

Complete the first point as far as you can before moving onto the next.
10-40: Arcane (10) > Air (10) > Fire (10)
40-60: Air (20) > Arcane (15) > Fire (15)
60-80: Fire (30) > Air (20) > Arcane (15) > Air (25)


Having up to date gear while leveling can save you a lot of trouble even if you have to have other stats in a less optimal position.

As the build works by stacking power it's going to be more effective to get stats elsewhere, however most endgame gear comes with power you're going to end up with a fair amount of it anyway.

Condition Damage:
A fair amount of your damage will come from conditions (bleeds and burns) so it's good to have some but I wouldn't try and max on this.

As there's effects that trigger off crits (burning and vunerability) it's probably the main offencive stat I'd go for however don't go overboard.

Critical Damage
With a high crit chance this is nice but not always the easiest thing to include on gear while remaining balanced with defence.

This is really where all your defence comes from so you'll need some of each or a lot of one unless you want to die in a hit or two.

Healing Power
Not the best thing for leveling or farming, not bad if you're in a group but normally avoid this.

Endgame Gear
Knight's (Balanced), Rampagers (Glass Cannon), Carrion (Condition Damage Based).
You can mix sets to get a suitable balance as nearly all the stat's help this build.
I'm currently using carrion as it fits with my other build (dungeon).

Tips and Tricks

Kite mobs in a circle to keep them in you AoE

Use your cooldown on Glyph of Lesser Elementals freely, you always have the big one for emergencies.

Dodge roll through enemy > Burning Retreat (Fire 4)

Strengths, weaknesses and Synergies

High Damage.
Staff abilities makes kiting easy.
Have a pair of pocket tanks in the form of Earth elementals.
Perma Swiftness makes running around/through unwanted mobs easy.

Little Defence.
Few defences against ranged mobs.
The most important thing that's missing in the build is it's weak on condition removal.

Works well in a group for farming as lots of the boons are passed to allies.
Food buff (+ magic find while under the influence of a boon)

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