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Jewels are cheaper and better then runes and go in your armor

jewels armor

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#31 Strife025


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Posted 02 October 2012 - 09:43 PM

At level 80 you make ~1g an hour. So anyone with 250+ hours of playtime easily has that much stuff, and that's not including playing the TP during the first couple weeks when there was tons of gold to be made.

I personally have around 300 hours played and haven't even tried making gold and have about 40g in the bank and 2 level 80s in full exotics, all crafts at 400, and a bunch of 250 stacks of crafting mats which I accumulated before I started TPing them (including 250 orich ingots and 250 orich ore for the eventual time I want to make a legendary).

This includes being in a WvW guild with tons of hours in WvW, if I strictly did PvE and tried to make money I would easily have way more.

Seems like every casual doesn't realize how easy it is to make money in this game. You can make 50s in 10-15 minutes everyday just by hitting your daily orich nodes that people have posted in the crafting forum. Take people like me who have multiple 80s and I get 1g just by logging in and running around for 30 minutes.

Then for anyone smart playing the TP, you could have made so much money. I personally didn't even try and still hit a couple gold mines like butter and wood right after they announced the mystic forge recipe last week and pretty much doubled my money in 1 hour.

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#32 Tribunic


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Posted 06 October 2012 - 01:12 AM

This is false.

Sorry, I tried to put orbs into 78 exotics - that didn't work. If you try that with 80 exotic armors then it still works. So I was wrong.
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#33 RaoulDukeHST


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Posted 06 October 2012 - 06:37 AM

it's all about math.I used ruby orbs for the dps gear,and runes for the dungeon support gear.
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#34 Garrand


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Posted 06 October 2012 - 07:38 AM

I don't see any orbs giving massive magic find and a friggin' parrot.

I mean, no, jewels are better! Buy my jewelery guys!
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#35 Lord_Demosthene


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Posted 06 October 2012 - 08:44 AM

For berserker power-crit-precision people, ruby orb (unless you stack might as 100B Warrior) is mostly superior to any other rune. If you stack condition and toughness, nothing will ever trump 270+ condition damage and about 55 or so toughness from rune of the undead (be it crest or orbs, they don't even come close!). Often, the secondary effects provided by runes outweight the tiny stat advantage provided by the orbs. So yeah, I'd say it's balanced, mostly (some runes DO appear to be very niche or useless, doesn't mean they have no use).
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#36 jondifool


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Posted 06 October 2012 - 08:46 AM

TL;DR: You can socket cheap jewels such as ruby orbs or exquisite ruby jewels in your armor instead of runes to save money and get better stats than the runes give.

Since this topic have been ress'ed i think it important to state that OP's headline is simply NOT TRUE. Jewels are not better than runes, as simple comparing stats shows.

Superior runes of divinity is the ones to compare with as they has no special effect to complicate things.

Supirior Rune of divinity= 60 statpoints and +2% to crit
Orbs and crest = 34 statpoints and 2 % to crit, or 48 statpoints straight
Exquisite Jewels = 40 statpoints and 3% to crit, or 55 statpoints.

Superior runes comes out on top.

Now other rune sets comes with a total of 165-200ish statpoints and 1-3 special effeckts.
I think it common sense to accept that while Divinity runes are very good they are not always the best choice for a build.
The 2 things involved is that all stats are not equal and all cases, and special effeckts are for sure worth some loss of statpoints.

The merits of the jewel/orbs is 1) that they are cheap and 2) its allows for a very focussed stat allocation. All orbs comes with power stats and arguable Power is the most important stat in the game. As off today alot of the superior rune set is also dirt cheap, so the that situation have changed.

The Ruby orb/exquisite ruby jewel build has its space in a pure damage setup. And clearly come out equal or better than the dps runesets OP compares with. close to Equal when using orbs/crest, better with exquisite jevel.

Besides the wonder of whats going on with the exquisite jevels and armor, it actual looks like its balanced as it should be.
Though imho the pure dps runes looks weak, not only because of the orb/jewels, because they also looks a little weak, simply because any decent player should be able to turn some of the special effects into even more DPS.

tl;dr -no longer cheaper and OP could have stated it was for pure DPS in his headline.

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#37 Red_Falcon


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Posted 06 October 2012 - 08:54 AM

Exquisite ruby jewels = 18% crit dmg.
That's more than you can get with nerfed divinity runes, enough of a reason to use them for me.
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#38 Lord_Demosthene


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Posted 06 October 2012 - 09:26 AM

Exquisite ruby jewels = 18% crit dmg.
That's more than you can get with nerfed divinity runes, enough of a reason to use them for me.

Screenshot or it didn't happen.

Rune = armour
Orb = armour
Jewel = trinkets

It's 120 power 84 precision 12% crit dmg (orb) vs 60 all attributes 12% crit dmg (rune).

Good for pure damage, overall inferior choice (stat-pool wise).

If for some reason you managed to put exquisite jewel into armour then it's a bug. Else, you theorycraft without even researching the matter firsthand.
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