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Would this build work in dungeons..(explorables mainly)

build explorables engineer dungeons

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#1 Dipsy


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Posted 15 September 2012 - 12:24 AM

I've got an engineer on lvl 73 now, and lately I was getting quite disappointed with it. I was trying to find a build that worked for me, from bombs and grenades to elixer gun to rifle with elixers. Nothing seemed to work for me. That's when I suddenly came up with this build:


Since I'm level 73 I've only got 23 points in Tools, but this build seems to work really well for me in solo pve, actively using the toolbelt skills. Things die quickly and I'm taking minimal damage.

Now for the question at hand: How would this work in dungeons, mainly explorables? I've never been to an explorable dungeon before (performance anxiety FTL), and I'm worried this is gonna blow. Are engineers expected to have more of a support role then I currently have? I would appreciate some feedback on this.


Note: It's 2:30 AM here and I'm going to bed. Don't expect any replies from me for the next 8h or so :D

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#2 tarquin


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Posted 15 September 2012 - 03:13 AM

i don't know what the 'cookie cutter' engineer builds are like in dungeons ... but personally i think grenade kit is essential. it's pretty high dps and will stack vulnerability with traits, giving everyone a damage boost.

being lvl 80 for the last 4-5 days and completing all dungeons story-mode, in my experience; relying on your 1-5 gun skills is pretty terrible dps.

i go grenade all the way, except when i need more cc. then i switch to dual pistol with glue shot and static shot, and i've also got traits in exploding turrets (instead of 10% more grenade damage) because of the nice knockdown and area heal combo synergy with healing turret (rifle turret is the best offensive turret for this build due to shorter cooldown and decent toolbelt skill). my final utility was rocket boots or elixir c , and as for elite you can't go wrong - unless you choose combat suit.
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#3 Sovis


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Posted 15 September 2012 - 04:49 AM

My (limited) experience in explorables is that vulnerability is somewhat of a rare condition to be able to quickly stack. Grenadier + Steel-packed Powder + Precise Sights has some ridiculous synergy to solve that particular problem (although I wish Grenade Barrage was actually 6 individual grenades for that purpose instead of stacked)

The other thing I noticed in explorables is that it's quite scary going into melee to efficiently use rifle skills, especially when you're not familiar with the fights. If you have any anxiety about that, I recommend building traits for ranged.

I usually end up playing condition-removal support with Elixir Gun and Cleansing Formula 409, It's been hard to find pug explorables (because my guildies are lazy/bored of the game) where I've had the luxury to actually mix it up with the mobs with my rifle.
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#4 Dipsy


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Posted 15 September 2012 - 08:39 AM

hmm, I'm afraid I'm going to have to go back to levelling my ranger then. The click I had with my engineer is just gone. Thanks for the replies :)
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