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Small EU Guild Brothers of Aesir [Desolation] Looking for like minded members


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Posted 15 September 2012 - 05:07 PM

Newly formed EU guild Brothers of Aesir are looking for members!

First off, if you do read this and find yourself interested, you can head on over to http://brothersofaesir.eu/form/?n=1 and fill in the short application form there. You're also welcome to whisp or mail me at Brunners.7251 or another leader at SavageCore.2063

We’re just a small guild based out of the UK that started off as of four real life 20 something year old friends. We've currently gained a few other like minded individuals to bring our total up to 11 players, including a Norwegian, a Pole and an Estonian lady.

While the original four of us are currently all mainly PvE based we are looking into expanding into PvP and have already started dipping our toes into WvW with small groups of us.

We are looking for members over the age of 18 who enjoy banter, tom-foolery and general shenanigans. We are looking for people who enjoy playing the game at a more casual pace, rather than powering through it, who enjoy finding everything hidden in every nook and cranny and generally having a good time with some good banter.

Because, as I mentioned previously, we are four real life friends we already know that our personalities all mesh and allow us to have a super enjoyable gaming experience. To make sure that prospective members also mesh with us there will be a trial period of one week, in which we will meticulously scrutinise your every word and move to discover whether you are cool enough to roll with us. If you are under 18 but really think we sound like some super cool dudes (which would be a correct assumption) you can have a trial period of 2 weeks to see if you’re mature enough to come have fun with us.

While we’ll happily consider members from any time zone, one as near to our UK time as possible would probably be best.
There are a couple of rules that we would like you to make note of. They are as follows:
  • We want to create a tight knit bunch of guildies who are there for each other and may well form friendships outside of the game. To help this there will be a no tolerance policy when it comes to personal attacks or anything that we, the founders and/or officers, consider bullying. Please note that this is totally different from poking light-hearted fun at each other.
  • When representing the Brothers of Aesir you must represent yourself and the guild in a positive light in other chats and around other players. While we like to have fun we’re also respectful of and towards the rest of the Guild Wars 2 faithful; and as such if we see or hear anything that reflects badly on our reputation as a guild we will more than likely cut ties with you.
  • No party poopers. Seriously; we’re all about having fun and if you’re not able to have a laugh then this probably isn’t the guild for you.
So, to wrap this all up I will say that if you’re looking for a fun, friendly atmosphere in which you can enjoy the world of Tyria at your own pace with a bunch of witty (and handsome) young men, we will welcome you into our warm bosom with open arms.
Thank you for reading and hopefully some of you young ladies and gentlemen feel the Brothers of Aesir might be the right bunch of guys for you!

Feel free to PM me on here if you'd like a quick chat.


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#2 brunners


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Posted 05 November 2012 - 10:24 PM

Hey, just thought I'd update this.

We're up to 25 people with about 10 active in TS on a nightly basis.

We're currently working on getting a commander for WvW and are an official part of the IRON WvW alliance on the server.

We run dungeons almost nightly, play wvw nightly and just have a general lark on ts.

We're looking to expand a bit more so that we can run dungeons every night and run 1 to 2 5 man raiding teams in WvW.
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