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So are there races the charr don't hate?

charr races

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Posted 24 September 2012 - 07:54 AM

@Konig: Yeah, I heard about the Balthazar one, but since Doric was Dwayna's chosen and she (and Melandru) were in the peace faction (which may be why we have evidence of Dwayna and Melandru being worshipped by races not in either Big Five but not Balthazar) his attitude wasn't necessarily being pushed by Balthazar. The other I hadn't heard of, but it could have been done after the charr were pushed back for other reasions on the basis that the land might as well be used, not an indication that the invasion was a simple land grab. (Although, admittedly, it is evidence pointing that way - just not decisively).

What I was hoping for was a record of charr attacks on the boundaries of Orr, a request for help from an ally (such as the dwarves or Forgotten), a record of a call to arms by priests of Balthazar claiming that the filthy cat-beasts would be easily defeated and the land there for the taking, or something that would actually settle the matter rather than being another case of "well, it could be interpreted as..."

@Zunnash: Yeah, that's pretty much the definition of steampunk - technology that really should not work according to the principles used, and yet does.

Thing is, though, that if we accept suspension of disbelief in one area (the charr have steam-powered tanks that work) we really need to extend suspension of disbelief in others (the Ebon Vanguard has a way of preventing steam-powered tanks from being able to drive up to the gates with impunity and smash them in). Considering that even with steampunk the charr tanks seem more WW1 (slow, experimental, not available in large numbers, prone to breakdowns, vulnerable to artillery fire) than WW2, and the Ebon Vanguard have access to magic, this isn't actually that big an ask. If the pace of charr technological advance had continued at the same pace, though, Ebonhawke would probably have been in a lot of trouble in a decade or so if humans didn't seriously pick up the advancement of their own military* in response.

*Note that I say 'military', not 'technology' - developing magic to counter advanced technology is another valid response, and possibly easier and more efficient from where the Ebon Vanguard are starting from. An elementalist or mesmer could probably figure out ways to do horrible things to a vehicle - or the crew inside.

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Posted 24 September 2012 - 08:15 PM

always seemed like the charr were the big brothers of the grawl
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Posted 07 August 2013 - 06:22 AM

Let's ask it the other way around,
Are there any races that don't hate the Charr?
It's all about giving and taking.
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