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Adrasteia Character Thread

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#1 lGhostl


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Posted 16 September 2012 - 10:26 PM

Only post here if you're in Adrasteia please.

Here's the template for your characters:

Name: Your character's name

Race: Your character's race.

Gender: Your character's gender, IE: male, female

Profession: Warrior, thief, elementalist, etc.

Personality: Your character's personality. Just give a brief (or not so brief if you prefer) description of what your character is like.

Likes/Dislikes: What your character likes or dislikes, fairly simple.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Does your character have any weaknesses or strengths? Write them down here.

Distinctive features: What stands out about your characters appearance? Does it affect them as a character? Do they have a scar that has a story? Are they ashamed of the scar? Do they get odd looks because of some feature? These are but a few examples.

History: This is where you write down your character's background. How he or she grew up, their travels, how they became the person they are. Try and make the history as original as possible

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#2 lGhostl


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Posted 17 September 2012 - 05:38 AM

Name: Titus Shatterfang

Race: Charr

Gender: Male

Profession: Warrior

Personality: Titus thinks before he acts, and his brain is continues to work through battle, instead of being blinded by rage like most charr. He is intelligent, and tends to outsmart most other charr. He's also a smartass. Though he is a great thinker, Titus is also regarded by some as a brute, due to his large size and ferocity. Titus is regarded as "strange" by charr as he had voluntarily distanced himself from his warband in separated assignments for unknown reasons.

Likes/Dislikes: Titus enjoys the thrill of a fight, tinkering with his weapons and armor, and outsmarting his opponents. However, he also enjoys simple things, like nature, and, like most charr, meat. Titus hates when people don't follow instructions, or don't get the job done when it is reasonable to have the task done. Ironically, Titus also hates death, although he loves the fight. He has trouble finishing a kill, though is relieved when it is done. The only thing worse than killing someone is watching an ally fall, according to Titus.

Strengths/Weaknesses: As stated before, Titus is an incredible thinker and has brutish strength. However, he has trouble finishing a kill.

Distinctive features: Titus's piercing blue eyes give him a sense of compassion by allies, yet often strike fear into foes.

History: As a cub, Titus was always curious. He was born a thinker. Always thinking about things, always wondering things, always examining things. Many people said asked too many questions. At the fahrar of the blood legion, Titus was always at the top of his class, though he was constantly put down. As a child, Titus was small - though all that changed as he got older, he used to get called names like "runt" and "asura". He was, however, the better thinker, and though he was small, he was surprisingly strong. When the other cubs would pick on him, he'd make sure they regretted it. His mentors, too, did not like him. He always questioned their methods, and when told to shut up, he continued to question about why he should. He was just a cub who wanted to know everything. His warband wasn't too fond of him either, and he wasn't too fond of them. However, when it was announced that, due to his superiority in strength, ability, and intelligence, that Titus would become the legionnare over his warband, they all pretended to like him, mainly out of fear.

As Titus grew older, his curiousity only grew with him. He often left his warband to go perform self-assigned tasks on his own. Although this was never against the rules, his warband disapproved of it, as did his superiors. He was always a bit of a suspicious character in their eyes, and a bit strange at that. No one ever knew what his tasks were, or what he did. Except for him of course. The adventures he went on alone were far more glorious than any of the tasks he was assigned by the Blood Legion.

Titus would often go weeks away from his warband. Centurions disapproved. He would be scolded at with things like "You should stripped of your rank as legionarre!" or "What if they died because you weren't there to protect them!?" The blood legion didn't want him, honestly, and Iron Legion wouldn't take him, and there was no room for him in Ash. He was even brought in to be questioned by Rytlock Brimstone himself once - to Rytlock's surprise, since he did not order him to come in, and a centurion had forced it upon him. Titus feared Rytlock would turn him into a gladium, but Rytlock gave Titus a break. He said to him "I see myself in you, cub... You're free to go." In fact, the centurions were punished for bringing Titus in without instruction.

One day, he and his warband were assigned to deliver a package of supplies to an Iron Legion warband a few miles past Lion's Arch. This would be a day Titus would never forget. They had to near the city, and pass it, to deliver the package. No problem, Titus thought. They found the Iron Legion warband on a beach, further than they had anticipated. As they took their first few steps to head back to the Black Citadel to report of the successful delivery, a deep rumbling came from the sea. Titus stopped and looked outward. Right before his eyes, something began to burst out of the water. It was massive. It was quite possibly the largest thing he had ever seen. Worst of all, it was flying right toward them. It was a dragon. Not just any dragon, it was an undead minion of Zhaitan. Both of the warbands fell that day. The only ones to survive was Titus and the Iron Legion warband's legionnare, Korimeh.

Titus lost his rank of legionnare, along with his warbands, and was reduced to the rank of gladium for losing his warband. The loss, however, was inevitable, so he is still well respected by many charr - though hated for his personality at the same time. Titus, in order to make up this loss, decided to form a new warband, and no matter what the race or profession, he would gladly take them in. A guild, in other words.

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