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Hammer - Banner Regen Build

hammer banner regen pve dungeon build

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#1 Welby628


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Posted 18 September 2012 - 01:03 AM

I am looking to get some feedback on the below build - its mainly for Dungeon running and control. I wasnt sure what exactly to do outside of the 20 in defense and 30 in tactics - any advice is welcome.


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#2 Miteshu


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Posted 18 September 2012 - 01:58 AM

In my first opinion, replace warbanner with Signet of Rage and replace all traits that is for banner for Shouts. All of your utility skills are shouts.

Hammer warriors has slow movement speed compared to the GS, sword, and warhorn. It has a relatively short range and the attack speed is slow. What good is hammer control if you can't even get to your teammate, knock off enemies in time before the enemies kill him.

Shout heal is really effective as a short burst heal. I've saved many of my teammates from death because of it. It is instant cast and you receive a nice buff for it. It also adds to survivability to it and it gives less headaches to the players because they don't have to wait 3 seconds to cast the banner or carry it around.

In my second option, you can put at least one utility banner instead of warbanner just for signet of rage to keep the warrior's mobility. Remove one other shout for stability, invulnerability, or any of the physical skills. With Bulls Rush and distractiong strikes you can continuously confuse foes to add extra dps.
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#3 ProfGast


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Posted 18 September 2012 - 02:59 AM

Right, I'm gonna have to go ahead and disagree with Miteshu. Hammer has perfectly fine manueverability, not quite at GS level but you shouldn't have any problems engaging in combat. The movement speed isn't any different than any other weapon after all, short of not having Warhorn's Swiftness, and Earthshaker works great as a gap closer. Also Battle Standard is great skill especially for ranged ressing of downed allies.

I have a couple recommendations though: Battle standard doesn't have enough up-time to be used as a primary banner healer, so either spec your 20 and 30 traits into shouts and keep your build, or switch "On My Mark" for a banner. Banner of Defense might be an interesting option because it gives you another CC ability.

I'm not sure how effective distracting strikes is in a dungeon, enemy mobs tend to have a LOT of hp and the 3 stacks of confusion you provide, while nice, isn't necessarily that powerful. Furthermore pve mobs tend to attack relatively slowly (except for some dungeon combo attacks, but there's still downtime there)

Finally, I'd recommand slotting Restorative Strength in Strength 10, instead of Great fortitude. With mending that's pretty much a full condition cleanse.

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