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Qs about Sigils


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Posted 18 September 2012 - 05:20 PM

How do Sigils apply to illusions?

for example if I have a minor sigil of corruption, will that +cond damage benefit damage from my clones using Wind of Chaos? how about conditions on shatter which I have traited for?

If I have a sigil of superior accuracy, does it also grants +5% critical hits to my clones?

If I have a superior Sigil of Air on my staff, it grants me 60% (?) chance to generate a lightning strike on crit. Does that also apply to my clone, so if a clone crits it will generate a lightning strike too?

also, not mesmer specific, but on sigils that stack effect with every kill (for example +10 cond per kill up to 25 stacks). do I keep my stack when I switch weapon or does it reset the stack count? I swap weapons constantly, so I'm hoping the game doesn;t reset on weapon swap.

My current build is staff + sword/X and I traited for bleed on crit, conditions, etc... and trying to determine what sigils might be best.

I've been running a staff and sword/X (X=pistol or focus mostly) and traited for bleed on crit, conditions of clone kill and Mindwrack damage (shatter intensive).

Are there sigils particularly suited to that kind of build?
I haven't looked at armor runes yet.
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