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Always Shroud, Never Die

necromancer build death shroud shroud pvp solo life steal siphon

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#1 ZigKid3


    Asuran Acolyte

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Posted 18 September 2012 - 07:43 PM

So I'm going to be making a necromancer as my alt. I was wondering what you guys think of this build for PvP. (and on a side note, for dungeon soloing attempts, but mainly pvp)


This build focuses on being in death shroud for as much as possible. Then, when not in death shroud, while building up for it as fast as possible, draining health to ensure survivability while doing damage.
I chose dagger/dagger for the life steal, plus the auto gets a lot of life force. the offhand dagger gives me some condition removal and a blind.

the weapon swap i chose staff for some regen, another condition removal, and all of those marks can make me look really scary to people >:3

heal: i chose consume conditions as another condition removal, plus i get bonus health for it. i was thinking well of blood at first so i can heal from its after effects once i enter death shroud, but consume conditions seems a lot better with condition removal, heals nearly the same amount, and on a shorter CD.

signet of undeath: i get more life force, more time in death shroud. plus i can help allies if need be.

blood is power: more life force, plus i can remove the bleed if i need to.

spectral armor: life force/protection

Soul Reaping:

III - 15% faster recharge rate on skills, a must have.
II - life force drains 25% slower, a must have.
VII - death shroud recharges 50% faster, makes easier for me to swap to and from death shroud when need be.

Blood Magic:
I - faster recharge on daggers, must have for life steal and condition removal
II - more effective life steal (life siphon, vampiric, vampiric precision, sigil of superior blood, runes of vampirism (are these runes/sigils effected actually?)
V - more life steal

Death Magic:
VI - condition removal for going into death shroud, this is good with my faster recharge rate on death shroud too.

sigil of superior blood and runes of vampirism for awesomeness.
clerics amulet + clerics jewels

-being a troll
-can't die
-look scary when you weild the staff and lol
-life steal
-decent condition removal

-not as damage heavy as some other builds

comments? If anyone can, can they test out the build? (i'm not able to at the moment).

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#2 Xom GW2

Xom GW2

    Asuran Acolyte

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Posted 18 September 2012 - 10:32 PM

I tried almost exactly like it a few days ago, what I found is death shroud changing quickly back and forth between weapons sets did work decently. The weakness was getting caught in CC chains while in death shroud there is nothing you can do but become a punching bag. I ended up changing the build to be more offensive and used death shroud less then 30% of the time in combat, worked better.

If you want a hard to kill necro troll build then specing in to death shroud is not the way to go. I have found a minon build with well of blood and well of power works best for staying in the fight.
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#3 Drekor


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Posted 18 September 2012 - 11:14 PM



The life siphoning traits are very underwhelming, I've switched them to get some healing since you're using cleric's gear it will be very beneficial. Also ditched death(reanimator will get you killed), and picked up might when using life blast and switched runes to get 60% might duration. Sigils grabbing force to boost damage + hydromancy when you switch to daggers in close range(does good damage and chills) and battle when going to staff(which works well with might stacking), the blood ones won't work well with a 30% chance to proc on a 4% crit rate.

I'm not a fan of Signet of undeath and would suggest changing that since it's so minimal. I'd lean towards spectral walk for the extra stun break + swiftness.

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#4 kKagari


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Posted 19 September 2012 - 12:02 AM

Signet of Undeath is so bad the only time I use it is in a dungeon, and for its activation ability :qq: . Its actually really sad that the Axe is sub par compared to other necromancer weapons. Retaliation makes a lot of sense for this build, but so does vitality, since it allegedly improves life force. Still, I'd probably rock an Axe for retaliation, and bump up your vitality through your armor. Blood magic traits are too broken currently to be usable I think, and power from Spite would increase retaliation.

People have also reported that enemies can get a rally off of jagged horrors, best not to use Death magic yet. Apparently necromancers will get a big fix in a few days.

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#5 ZigKid3


    Asuran Acolyte

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Posted 19 September 2012 - 12:54 AM


I'm glad someone got my joke :)

and I figured that it only says 4% due to base stat and your runes, since the calculator isn't using gear in it which i figured where your crit would come from.

I liked the changes with the traits i didnt even see those.
i started to lol so hard when i notcied what you were going for with the might trait and stacking might runes with a sigil to keep 'em rolling xD

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#6 Soki


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Posted 19 September 2012 - 10:20 PM

Cute build

Also, Mahou Shoujo Sakura is overrated :3c

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#7 Ambassador Sharez

Ambassador Sharez

    Pale Tree Seedling

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Posted 21 September 2012 - 10:55 AM


this is actually my spvp build and probably my wvw build(maybe on wvw spectral grasp instead of blood is power and grenth form instead of flesh golem that is quite bugged atm)

actually this is the combo that i use

if i already got some life force for entering shroud:

f1>dark path from distance>if landed>Doom>f1>wail of doom>dark pact>1 for 3 time>charge(minion elite)>111111111 till he's die

without life force

charge>dark pact>111>f1>doom>life transfer/switch to staff and put some condition.

with this build i can manage even 2/3 people (you will not manage them if they are 3 thief or random burster)

Use DS doom when you are sorrounded and life transfer for negate some burst damage or for kite some group of enemy,the main weapon is the dagger/warhorn staff is just for the reg/chill/fear when needed,spectral walk is useful both for 30 sec speed that for trolling some guy by jump off a cliff then shadowstep,and well against condition build.The elite skill is quite low but i hope in some better ai upgrade.

Srry for my bad english

Commander Sharez

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