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WvW Support Necro Theory Craft

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Posted 19 September 2012 - 03:54 PM

I created a Necro build specifically for WvW team fights:


I wanted to support my team by removing conditions and creating conditions on the enemy. This is all theory craft and I would love to hear people's feedback and suggestions for improving the build.

My idea is to have a staff & scepter/focus or scepter/dagger. (I need to do more testing to decide offhand)

The abilities per weapon and why I chose them:

  • Blood Curse - 2 Bleeds and a Poison
  • Grasping Dead - Bleed and a Cripple
  • Feast of Corruption - Damage/Life Force per Condition on Foe
Dagger (Offhand):
  • Deathly Swarm - Blind and Condition Transfer
  • Enfeebling Blood - Weakness and Bleed
Focus (Offhand):
  • Reaper's Touch - Regeneration on Allies and Vulnerability on Foes
  • Spinal Shivers - Chill
  • Necrotic Grasp - Damage in a Line
  • Mark of Blood - Bleed to Foes and Regeneration on Allies
  • Chilblains - Chill and Poison
  • Putrid Mark - Removes Conditions from Allies and Sends to Foes
  • Reaper's Mark - Fear
Heal Skill:
  • Well of Blood - AoE Heal
  • Well of Corruption - Converts Boons to Conditions
  • Epidemic - Spread Conditions on a foe to all nearby foes every 15 seconds
  • Well of Power - Convert Conditions to Boons on Allies
  • Lich Form - #2 Causes Vulnerability, #3 Causes Chill and Knockback, #5 Removes Boons on Foes and Cures Conditions on Allies
  • 30 Curses - II. Hemophilia (20% Bleed Duration), IX. Focus Rituals (Wells Become Ground Target-able), XI. Lingering Curse (Scepter Conditions Last 33% Longer)
  • 30 Blood Magic - IV. Ritual of Life (Create a Well of Blood on Reviving Someone; I haven't decided if I like this trait yet), VIII. Ritual Mastery (Wells Recharge 20% Faster), XII. Vampiric Rituals (Wells Siphon Life)
  • 10 Death Magic - V. Staff Mastery (Staff Skills recharge 20% Faster)

I wanted to focus on getting conditions on the enemies and removing them from my allies and hopefully giving them boons in the process. With the points in curses I wanted to keep as many stacks of bleeds and conditions from scepter on the enemies as I could then transfer them to near by enemies using epidemic.

The staff would support adding more bleed stacks and condition removal through #2 and #4 skills respectively. I wanted to try and keep as many wells up as I could on my allies so taking Focus rituals to make them ground target-able and ritual mastery to reduce cooldown was key.

Staff Mastery was taken to be able to throw out more marks quickly.

The Ritual of Life was a filler trait because I couldn't see if something else would work better in my build. I find I do a lot of reviving in WvW so it may be useful.

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