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Warrior GS/Mace shield Offensive Pressure/support, Roamer Competitive PVP guide

tpvp warrior greatsword roamer tournament competitive spvp

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#1 Vice187


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Posted 20 September 2012 - 08:49 AM

Hi Guys, my name is Reven and I have been playing the warrior for quite sometime. I want to share with you my experience as my favorite class. This guide will be a work in progress and I am still learning everyday.

here is a screenshot of my statistics for tournaments as of today (9/20/2012). 553 win/683 games

Posted Image

As you can tell, I am a pretty seasoned warrior and I have at least a 80% win ratio (including some tournaments solo queuing and playing with friends or pickups etc)

How I personally feel about warrior?
I do believe it is GW2's balanced out class but it has a few bugs that really flaw the class. Maybe the only bug that really hinders us is the fast hands bug. This is where when we swap weapons the first time in combat, the cd is 10seconds instead of 5 (which we minor traited for). This really hinders the way I play. You'll see why later.

Otherwise, I really can't think any other roamer puts as much pressure as the warrior while they are on a point. Maybe we are not the best dueling class (thief, mesmer) but when we come into a fight, we can make a big difference. I am talking about more than just Bull Rushing in and 100Bing someone. It's the pressure that the warrior puts and the dodges that get used. The stability that also gets used after a BR100b is just a countdown before the target can begin getting spiked out or bursted down.

Also think of it this way, When the enemy uses their stability to dodge the bullrush 100b, that means they will not have the stability later on when teammates or themselves are stomping or ressing. Giving YOU the opportunity to stop them and res your teammates or teammates to save you.

With Discipline X, we can run away from bad fights or bad matchups whenever we want. That is some pretty big power there. Imagine if you are rushing to a point and you see it's a mesmer or a bunker guardian. The ability to run away swiftly and ignore immobilizations should not be ignored. The GS 3 and 5 really make our roamer capabilities solid, also to mention the warhorn buffing from swapping when out of combat.

The Build
I used to use Berserkers alot but then I would always lose my duels, and get immediately spiked out. I was a glass cannon. That is a way to play but its not the most efficient. I use a soldiers with a berserker jewel inside, and relieve all my dmg to mace stun 100b.

I typically run several builds. Here they are:

3 frenzies

Alternative 2 frenzy Crit Adrenaline

This build is pretty good, I use it alot. What I reccomend is using 2 Greatswords and swapping them when 45seconds is up. The 2nd great sword can have Force (5% dmg) or Fire.

Able to 1440 Svanir.
Lasting/staying power.
Immense pressure because of the constant quickness
Frenzy is probably more available for stomping/ressing
nearly 100% critical on stunned target
Bull rush for mobility, easy 100b (forcing them to use stunbreak or stability)
Fury is up all the time, giving you a 48% crit
Discipline X will let your Greatsword 3 and 5, and shield 4 be extremely mobile and break immobilizations

Stuns, dazes provided by mace really help when enemies are ressing/stomping
Helps offensively support for the kill
Screw over Guardians reading books

Amazing chaining when teammates will immobilize/stun for you
Amazing chaining for teammates when you use your mace/shield

After stunning with mace, adrenaline is gone so you won't benefit from the Arms trait.
Using boons, so they could be corrupted.
The condition removal is not that strong.
Outside of dodges and shield block, mace counter, your damage mitigation is gone.
Melee :(
Not that great of matchups/dueling power
Fast hands bug.,,

Also some things to note.
A Frenzy 100b on a stunned target is the highest burst in the game.

You are a dps warrior and typically one of the best targets for people to focus down first. Use this to your advantage. When you see that people are trying to spike you down, run away with 3 and untarget and use 5 with the greatsword to gtfo, otherwise switch to mace/shield immediately if it's too late to block. If you know you are going to get spiked and prevent it, they literally just wasted their time. You can run out of line of site pretty easily as a warrior.

If your team can coordinate immobilizes and stuns for you, then that would be perfect. You can easily get 100b off even more. It's not to wise to pop frenzy right off the bat but if you do happen to, you should be prepared to swap to mace/shield whenever it ends.

You will need Balance Stance to down most classes efficiently or when it is dire (in cases of rallying allies). You will also have the ability to use the frenzy stomp to 1second down a target to rally your teammates faster. But if you have a thief with you, usually they can put down an area smokefield that blinds the target and let you get a free stomp.

Balance stance is a good counter to other 100B aggression, pistol whip, guardian spirit hammers, etc.

Warriors have poor condition management. If the target is strictly condi (ranger, necro, sometimes engi) and you cannot kill the target you can always run. Remember, Running is an option. those 5 points really do add up.

Your 3 and 5 is amazing for running away or closing the distance. Take off auto target in the options, pray to god theres an untarget bind coming up, otherwise use esc.

Your bullrush is good for a blindsided attack or a bait for them to use stability. After stability is over, change to mace and start stunlocking them. If you can wait the 10seconds, you can burst stun and then swap to greatsword and frenzy 100b.

****Abusing the game*****
1. Everytime you use last resort (last talent of arms), remember the time, and swap out the talent with arms crit giving extra adrenal strike. I just do 2min because I am lazy. So yea so every 90sec or 2min, you keep swapping the talents.
2. Batman drops off clock to knock them off point, then cc them etc. if they stability, go do it again.
3. use your warhorn out of combat, thats common sense

*tired, will edit/add this later.

saving this post**

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#2 Vice187


    Fahrar Cub

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Posted 01 October 2012 - 11:26 PM

ive recently just swapped back to berserker ammy,

im a bit of a hybrid now since i took 50% bleeds and use sword/shield. I like it alot better.
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#3 Xandmanxx


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Posted 02 October 2012 - 06:21 AM

Nice to see a post from you. I regularly check your stream recordings to see if you have an updated one. Btw, the gw2skills.net is still unavailable but thanks for whispering your traits earlier!
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#4 Lilitu


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Posted 02 October 2012 - 09:14 AM

That's a pretty big change to your build. Care to offer more on the reasoning?
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#5 Juggernautp


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Posted 02 October 2012 - 11:18 AM

Would you mind posting your build to another place? gw2skills.net seems to be currently down. Other than that I really enjoyed reading your post interesting stuff I will have to give it a full look when gw2skills.net is back up or you post to an alternative build site. :)
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#6 zenminded


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Posted 04 October 2012 - 04:39 PM

Great read up for somebody who is just getting into sPvP like myself.

g2skils.net is down as stated above. Would be greatly appreciated if you could post an secondary link.

Thanks in advance
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