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Clones, Clones, Clones

clone clones autoattack

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#1 ProfGast


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Posted 20 September 2012 - 07:53 PM

Clones are easily the most common illusion type us mesmers have access to. Every main hand weapon has at least 1 way to generate them, after all, and a number of utilities do to.. Now obviously clones don't really do much in the way of damage and are often just used for damage sponging and shatters, but that got me thinking...

Every weapon type has certain traits associated with it, so what are the specific benefits of each mesmer weapon, on a clone? For example, high attack speed/multihit for bleed procs or the likes. So here's my not-so-comprehensive rundown for what I think so far, and why you would choose to proc a clone in one weapon versus another.

Greatsword: Pros: Relatively Fast, multihit attack, good range

Sword: Pros:Relatively fast attack, Vulnerability, Boon stripping(?). Cons: Melee range

Scepter:Pros: Medium range Cons: slow attack speed

Staff: Pros: Bouncing attack, multi-condition/boon proc. Cons: Slow projectile speed.

Trident: Pros: Bouncing attack. Confusion on hit (bug?)

Spear: Pros: Relatively fast attack. Cons: Melee range

Anyone else have ideas on reasons to favor one weapon type over another as far as clones go?
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#2 Ikelos


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Posted 20 September 2012 - 08:20 PM

Greatsword: 3 hit attack, spawns clone in melee range (although the clone itself is ranged); skill to create the clone applies Might/Vulnerability; projectile finisher

Sword: Spawns clone next to you but it runs into melee range; clone cripples; can swap with clone which also immobilizes in AoE; leap finisher

Scepter: Spawns clones with autoattack; spawns clone when counter succeeds; clones spawn next to you; IMO the least exciting clone-generating weapon. The only weapon that can't reliably spawn a clone on demand, you either have to wait for 3 autohits or get someone to hit you.

Staff: Skill spawns clone in place and blinks you backwards; clone applies conditions; leap finisher

IMO one of the advantages of greatsword clones is they are really easy to shatter. Really hard to miss a shatter when the clone spawns next to them. Other than that, staff and sword clones apply conditions, and a lot of the skills to spawn illusions have a useful side-effect. The only skill I've regularly used even when I don't need clones is the greatsword generator, because it just does a lot of damage and applies nice boons/conditions.

Also can't really ignore the phantasm generators; you can use them as an expensive clone.
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#3 Harper


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Posted 20 September 2012 - 08:28 PM

Silly me! I just made exactly the same thread!


I really like the staff clones for openers. Phase retreat-dodge-dodge-iWarlock gets you a good number of conditions before the warlock spawns. This opener has fixed my problem with Staff of too slow to kill. Of course, once you've done this opener, there's not a good follow up, except perhaps Chaos Storm. I've done the Auto-attack/Dodge/Dodge/Chaos Storm/Phase Retreat/iWarlock opener as well, but the Chaos Storm placement is a little hit and miss and slows down my opening.

The other thing I like about that opener is that you put conditions on 2 mobs. So when you are facing 2 (as you often are in solo landscape), you have the second guy already partially setup when the first one dies (preferrably to a shatter).

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