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WvW Profession Roles

wvw profession warrior guardian

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#1 Cugel


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Posted 20 September 2012 - 08:58 PM

Hey guys,

I need some help to choose a profession for WvWvW, I am thinking of a full-crafted character to go in WvWvW, at least I have seen this:


Warrior/Melee: Usually with Axe&Shield + Axes(2) or GS + Axe & Shield

Tactic: They usually want to burst someone with 1k Blades and then run (Rambo style).
Pro: Heavy Armor, Great Burst, Great in Small/Medium Groups, Good Mobility
Cons: Fail in Big Groups of Zergs

Warrior/Range: Usually with Rifle + Axe&Shield

Tactic: As a Ranger but slower and lack of CC


Guardian/Ofensive: Usually with Shield& Scepter + Greatsword

Tactic: Jump with GS and try to hit as many people as he can, do good dmg but if people are smart they would run (not enought dmg to bring someone FAST)
Pro: Lot of Retreat tactics, lot of defense, good zone defender
Cons: Not enough burst to kill someone, lack of mobility

Guardian/Defensive: Usually with Staff

Tactic: Support people


Usually with Shortbow & Dagger+Dagger

Tactic: Hit small/medium groups, burst tons of people
Pro: Shine against small group, burst to take people down fast and run (rambo style?), good mobility
Cons: Lack of Defense or HP, Lack of Range (short bow),  Fail in big groups


Usually Longbow & Shortbow

Tactic: Just be at backline and do tons of Dmg

Elementalist ??

Please share your opinions about what professions do in WvW.

I tried Guardian/Elementalist/Warrior/Ranger, I love some melee/close range action because spamming at backline is not fun (elementalist/ranger) but also I would like to be able to kill people. (I think that guardian doesn't have enough burst to kill people, they can kill in long-run and people would run)

Hope someone helps :)

#2 Sylvanna


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Posted 20 September 2012 - 10:00 PM

More AOE

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