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Comprehensive Twilight Arbor explorable dungeon guide & token farming

twilight arbor deadly bloom ta explorable dungeons guides

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#1 dulfy


    Asuran Acolyte

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Posted 22 September 2012 - 07:13 PM

Hey there, I have being running Twilight Arbor explorable mode with a couple friends for quite a bit now. We have cleared the dungeon maybe 20-30 times on all three paths and accumulated a bit of experience from doing so. I thought I would share my TA explorable experiences with those who are looking to run TA explorable for the awesome armor or for legendary weapon components.

There are three paths for TA explorable and you will be given the choice to chose after you defeat the Greater Nightmare Vine Boss, they are Up, Forward/Up, and Forward/Forward.

Up path is the one most commonly farmed as it has rather easy bosses but hard trash. Forward/Up is the second easiest path but the bosses are slightly more difficult. Forward/Forward path is in my opinion massively overtuned with very difficult trash and boss fights. You can do the Up and Forward/Up path daily to get 60 tokens in about 1 hr with an experienced group.

Most of the boss fights are fairly straightforward but if you are stuck on a particular fight or just want to read more on the dungeon I do have a rather lengthy guide that I wrote here. It discusses the bosses for all three paths (with videos if possible) and some tips and tricks here for clearing the trash.
  • Introduction (Path selection, Deadly Bloom farming, Dealing with blossoms)
  • Shared path (Greater Nightmare Vine)
  • Path 1 (Malrona, Fyonna, Nightmare Tree w/ Leurent)
  • Path 2 (Leurent elite guards, Leurent, Nightmare tree w/ Vevina)
  • Path 3 (The Defiler, Vevina, Nightmare tree w/Fyonna)
Hope you find it useful!
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#2 Clegmir


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Posted 25 September 2012 - 12:26 PM

Thank you for this! :D
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#3 niie


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Posted 28 September 2012 - 04:08 AM

Having issues with Leurent and his 3 Knights in Fwd/Fwd now. The first several runs this proved to be the absolute easiest of the three paths. We were able to pull one knight at a time and kill them. However, starting yesterday two things would happen. 1) Whenever we attack one after they reset, the other 3 (2 Knights+Leurent) would relink and procede to destroy the group. 2) Whenever we would get a single Knight to 50% the entire encounter would reset. Is there something we are missing?

Edit: We managed to zerg one down while all the rest were beating on us, but just barely... Extreme use of Mesmer "fake res" and warrior vengeance.

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