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Does the elementalist get more powerful later on?

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#31 surforguy


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Posted 12 November 2012 - 07:10 PM

Ummm... since am playing S/D for solo pve, between 2 blinds (with relative short CDs) knockback, knockdown, bleeds, burns, access to condition removal (1 from switching to water, 2nd from water 5), bleeds and burn, vulnerability, burst aoe damage with combo fields, 2 healing spells in water on top of your healing spell of choice, toughness increase from earth 2... How do you lack viable options in solo play? Only thing which S/D lacks (but can be achieved if you decide to use glyph of elemental power) is a snare, but you don't really need it with teleport and ride lightning as mobility (and stun break).

Compare that with necro. Awful burst, power builds are mediocre, condition is only viable spec, they need the snare from scepter to kite while their bleeds wear opponents down. They have no teleport, no evasive moves, if they are chilled, crippled, immobilized, they have to take it in the face (DS is good, but not vs multiple opponents beating on you, and a heavy hitter will eat through your lifeforce like no tomorrow) they have only 1s fear on staff aoe (which means not much at all), yes they can send conditions back to enemy with dagger 4 or signet of plague but those have hefty CDs, etc.

Am not saying we are perfect or in the right spot, some adjustments are still needed, traits fixed, bugs removed, improvements made, but I don't think the sky is falling either :)

HI Anelyn,

Can you post your build for playing S/D? I would really appreciate it.

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#32 FrancisCrawford


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Posted 12 November 2012 - 08:43 PM

Vs. Level 7 -- yes, the class gets better. Utility skills matter a lot (the elite not so much).

Also, one improvement in traits does matter qualitatively -- it's the stat that shortens your attunement cooldown. You can dance through your rotations better as you increase your investment in Arcane.

-- FC
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