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Posted 23 September 2012 - 04:47 AM


Blackgatechat.com is a social site primarily for people within Blackgate to find and communicate with like-minded people easier. Unfortunately the in-game systems don't provide many ways to build the community, things such as finding people for dungeons, hot-join PvP, tournament PvP, World vs World, trading, story questing, and many other things are left to map chat to try and come together.

This site is designed to overcome that issue, anything you publicly post will appear on the public timeline so people can easily find others with the same interests. Interests can be designated to groups or tags, which people can join, follow, and respond to. They can also be private, so you can control who can join the group, and who can see what's posted inside (great for teams or guilds!).

If you're not on the Blackgate server, you are still more than welcome to join the site and participate, but it is primarily for Blackgate players and it's centred around them.

Ideal features for Guild Wars 2

Want to organise a dungeon run for when you get home from work? No problem, create a new event for the dungeon you wish to run, select a target audience (Perhaps it should be in-guild only? Perhaps it should only involve your friends, or people who joined a certain group) and a time, then people can RSVP so you know who is available, and when!

Speaking of work, if you're away from your computer, you can keep updated and post remotely either via a mobile browser, Android application, and even by chatting with a GoogleTalk bot! There's no reason you should have to waste time hunting for people to do an event with when your time is limited when you can do it on the move.

See what Blackgate related topics are trending, which groups have a lot of activity in, and see what interests match yours. Post Q&As, polls, images, and much more. If you feel like being extra social, we also have a 1,000 slot Mumble server at blackgatechat.com port 10000 for everybody to use.

Why this site? Why now?

We're currently establishing a movement on Blackgate via BlackgateWvW.com to get ourselves more organised as a server within World vs World. However one of the points that has been raised by multiple guilds is that there's a big lack of communication between players in Guild Wars 2 as a whole (not just Blackgate). By trying to help this issue, and make Blackgate a more social and communicative place, we think a lot of people will benefit across all styles of play, from PvE, WvW, and sPvP.

Registration is very quick and easy, so why not come check us out at http://blackgatechat.com/ - find some friends, form some groups, and share your interests with the rest of the Blackgate community!
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