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Fort Aspenwood - Praetorian [Pr] relaxed PvE & Dungeon Guild

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Posted 24 September 2012 - 06:25 PM

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What is Praetorian?

Praetorian is a PvE guild originally made up of around 10 or so friends. After a couple weeks, due to the dedication of each member, Praetorian grew in members and reached around 100 members before the first month after release passed. Praetorian is primarily a PvE guild, with a large focus on explorable and story-mode dungeons. However, we love having fun with all aspects of the game, whether it's World vs World or even our own guild-organized events.

While the majority of these players are part of the gaming community Rage Cage Gaming, the guild and gaming network have absolutely no affiliation between eachother. We're not one of those gaming community guilds– rather, a bunch of close pals looking for more people who also don't take themselves very seriously to join us. We all play the game together as a guild for fun, not as a job. No one will force you to play at specific times, although there are many of us who play Guild Wars 2 daily. We have a very active core of players, so finding other people for a group is never an issue.

We also own our own Mumble server, which you'll almost never find empty. We prefer all members to download Mumble, a voIP chat program similar to Ventrilo or Teamspeak, which helps us guildmates socialize more easily and utilize teamwork in dungeons when typing in guildchat doesn't cut it. As long as you have Mumble, we have no other requirements- a mic isn't needed if you're listening to directions for the Explorable Mode.

Are you looking for officers?

Not at the moment, however if you choose to join, your input may be just as important as any officer in the guild. Unlike most guilds, Praetorian is no autocracy, so you won't find an annoying Guild Master hellbent on a power-trip. Each member should have just as much say in the direction of the guild itself as any officer. We're all here to have fun, and our guildmates shouldn't be discluded from that.

What are the rules?

-Don't be a d*ck. Using specific words won't get you banned, unless you're doing it in an offensive context. Just have some respect.
-Any sort of exploiting, hacking, or botting is bannable on sight. If you're taking advantage of the game in a way that the devs didn't intend for, chances are that you're a sore loser who wouldn't fit in with us in the first place.
-Spamming guild chat isn't encouraged. Asking for help is absolutely fine, unless you're begging for items every 5 minutes. No one likes that.
-You must be able to speak English. It doesn't need to be your first language as long as you can speak it like the rest of us.
-A mic isn't mandatory, but you should have Mumble installed if you want to play alongside the guild.

The name?

The Praetorian Guard is an order of elite bodyguards that dates back to the Roman empire. However, the name Praetorian is taken from an organization within the game All Points Bulletin, a short-lived game where the majority of [Pr] originally met each other.

How can I apply?

Easy! You can either reply to this thread or go ahead and submit a post on the [P] forums or send an ingame message to Pogo, Tholy, or Seyfert.

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