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Necro Healing/Support build (Still viable solo)

necro healing support aoe farm dagger/dagger staff

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Posted 26 September 2012 - 08:08 PM

Welcome dear reader to my try to make your life as Necro a bit easier. Today I will present you with a build for a healing necro, and why and how I came to like this spec over the other popular specs, if you do not like me, my build or anything about my being here please express yourself in the comments with constructive feedback.


Solo: Solo build

This is the solo build I generally use for quick aoe farming, I swap out power with corruption if I know the mobs I will be killing will not have more than one condition. Please note that if you have a few pieces of lv80 exotic gear you can easely lure upto 7-8 mobs at a time. Use your staff mainly and use daggers to kill solo mobs. If you are good with your death shroud you can even lure more if you can find the right spots ;).

Dungeon: Dungeon build

Note that all that really happened is that you take plague signet instead of spectral walk, your role in the dungeon is pretty much being in the front line, keeping mobs from your damage traited party members. Just make sure you do not cast that healing well all the way in the front line. Do not be afraid of taking some hits from silver mobs, with deathshroud and the ammount of toughness you have in this build you can take some hits (So don't be scared to jump in with daggers if you used all your staff skills)

Why would you use this build?

Why would you take this kind of build? I have also asked myself this question, that alot of times. I see alot of necro's walking around in full condition damage gear with scepters, but it just didn't appeal to me, I had trouble doing enough damage with conditions in events and dungeons were just horrible if there was someone else with conditions as alot of stacks of bleeding were lost (Due to AoE bleeds, and Epidemic you can stack all nearby mobs with 12-15 stacks of bleeding easely). I have tried axes for a while with a power/crit geared character, but it wasn't what I saw in the necro at all so I gave that up rather fast. When I inspected the necro traits I noticed that there was alot of them build around minions and wells. I had tried a minion spec for a while, but the condition draw in a dungeon where there is more than three conditions each ten seconds your party will just stack up conditions after a while anyways, and with plague signet this trait seems fairly counter productive anyways. So I tried a power build with wells, saw the ammount of damage it did together with the staff aoe (not to mention with the blast from the staff you have blind and retaliation aswell) so I started experimenting and ended up where I am now, being a tanky caster able to take hits from groups of mobs even if there are veterans in them, while still doing enough damage and even with heals for myself, minion and party.
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