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The Pink Animal Clan [pink] is recruiting!

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Posted 26 September 2012 - 09:05 PM

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Remember the old days when you play without some class or weapon (skill set)?

We do. We always play for fun! Whether it’s doing dungeons, taking down our guild nemesis the champion boar, or just trying to reach new heights on our personal guild jump quests. Details here

What do we do when we aren’t doing our nightly events?

Parties: We love them. Probably what we all live for in the game. Contests range from the best pink armor to show your pink pride (its contagious) to pvp matches and fun party games you would play IRL! The party planners are always trying to come up with new contests. And we take a lot of feed back so our parties are always evolving!

Forums: We post random things on there all the time, about IG and IRL. Ive seen some hilarious videos on there. Seriously though the forums are a big deal to us, we use them constantly. Our weekly lottery and other contests are all located on here. They are hidden to the public for the safety of the guild though. (We take your safety very seriously!)

TeamSpeak 3: We like to hang out on it and have some fun, but like everything it has its peak times. We do require the use of team speak for nightly events. (You aren’t required a microphone, just some type of listening device: Speakers, headphone, something so you can hear us talk to you :P). We love to meet up on here and start random guild groupings!

Talking: Nothing like some story time on guild wars lol. Are we constantly making noise? No, but we do like to banter and there are plenty of people to do it with in the guild that are online. Though our stories stay with the guild! (Even all those amazing ones from the bachelor/bacherlorette parties!).


Why should you join us?
If you are tired of guilds that spam, yell, and have annoying kids in them then you may want to check us out. We make sure the environment is never degraded in that way. A lot of us work and this is our place to relax and have fun. After all everyone bought this game to enjoy themselves, why would you want to throw that all away by being stressed out all the time?
The guild is friendly and helpful to one another. We are all here to have a good time. It is not in our future constantly lead WvWvW to victory. To do this would diminish the fun that you can get out of the game. This is not to say that we never do any PVP, many of us do. We are on a whole though mostly a PVE guild.
The Pink Animal clan has a icon, website with forums, and TeamSpeak. We will get all the guild items (e.g. global buffs) available to us as fast as we are able!

If you are interested in joining please apply here.

The application is easy, fast, and well worth the trip!
If you are a member of our GuildWars1 guild you will not be required to apply again for GuildWars2, once a member of pink always a member of pink! We are a family!Posted Image

Some Details:

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Posted 28 February 2013 - 08:06 PM

Updated the guild info above.
We also are hosting a gw1/gw2 cage match...get your vote on with us at our blog:

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