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Elixir Build

elixir grande boon traits

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#1 animaillusionaria


    Fahrar Cub

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Posted 26 September 2012 - 11:30 PM

Heres my Build


as for Traits


Free bomb on dodge & Minefield at 25% are both free dmg passives

You stack Vulnerability like a champ for a nice dmg increase

Incendiary powder for extra Dps ( depending on Gear might need to swap out due to low natural Crit Chance)

Enhanced performance for permanent 4 stacks of Might ( better than 10% explosive dmg and also increases Condition dmg)

Grenadier for extra Range&Grenade to maximize your dmg output

Free Elixir B at 75% health & Extra dmg for Each boon on you are once more free dmg passives
low chance to convert conditions into boons

20% Faster Elixir Cooldown & Duration

Might on Elixir use


Endurace rechagre on Toolbeltskill use

Major Trait is personal preference, Speedy kits for exploring or static discharge for extra dps


You can keep and maintain between 6-7 stacks of might on yourself all the time and up to 12-14 for a few sec ( nice with Elixir U for huge burst )

12 seconds downtime on Elixir B buffs ( with the exception of might ) wich offsets your lack of precision slightly by having Fury up "most" of the time

Even without Traits your rifle stil does nice dmg thanks to all the buffs and pistols also work thanks to might increasing condition dmg as well.

For Dungeons & Party activities swap potent Elixirs for Cleasing Formula to remove conditons, replace Elxir U with Elixir R or both

You can give Teamates Might often.

i went with Power/Prec/Toughness with a special focus on precision to offset the low crit chance during the 12 seconds where i dont have Fury from Elixir B overall this makes me really tanky and thanks to Elixir Buffs my dmg remains still very high and i keep a lot of utility while partying.

as you can see its not necessary to respec for dungeons just swap some traits around you will then act as a party buffer/ condition cleanser/ Vulnerability stacker.

Swapping out elixir H for the turret is a viable option to incrase youre party survival in that case.

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#2 Nemhy


    Asuran Acolyte

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Posted 07 October 2012 - 04:02 PM

I've been thinking of running Engie and this build looks really fun. Can you toss Elixirs with the grenade kit up? Also if you throw an Elixir does it use both cooldowns or can you use it from your Utility and then throw it?
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