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Trophy and Mystical Mobs

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Posted 28 September 2012 - 01:17 AM

­­­Trophy and Mystical Mobs

Part of the what to add to the end-game discussion, on how to add more activities, and spread the high-level player base cross the map. (shameless plug of what is alone that serie ) The idea calls for adding Mystical Mobs/Beast in game, and with incentive of Trophy collection to attach players.

Mystical Mob/Beast

They are pretty much like the current champion mob/mini-boss that is in the game. (which also include those that is already in the game). Usually they have their own unique skills (maybe with some random skill too, much like what D3 did), sometime travel with its adds, and maybe some additional mechanics too. They would be of bigger size than its mob, and different colorations. They would appear as an event to anyone that are close, and usually require a small team (5-15 player) to kill off.

But here are also some difference. They are more rare to find, appear randomly and not on interval (unlike the other usual event bosses). Sometime need a “trigger” action or event to make them appear (or chance of them appear), like sitting baits and traps, or pre-request events. Also they have a timer on how long they appear. When the timer is off, they will ran back into hiding. (they are “mystical” afterall, so want it to be something there its pretty rare to find). There are also traveling NPC that could give you hints on appearance of those beast.

So what would you get for hunting them?

Trophy and Reward

Beside the usual loots, exp, karma, you also get an Achievement check off. A hunt list in your achievement showing which of those mystical/unique mob you killed, and give you a point for it.

You also get a unique drop call Mystical Trophy. (something like “Skull of Kizzaax, the Drake Queen”) They appear as an item in your inventory, and like the Karma items you get, they also have a lore descriptions, to add on the “flavor”. More so, they are also usable. On use (but they are not consumed), you would get a ghost glowie effect of that mob that appear around you for few seconds (for show off), and gain a small boost that last few minutes (much like Food’s effect, although could add some more interesting effects too). However, likely there is a universal cooldown for the Trophy effect too (something like 3 hours till next use), so not to overly abuse it.

Also could see the Mystical Trophy be able to stack, and can upgrade it to a higher level (1 for lv1, 3 to make it into lv2, 10 for lv 3), which would give you a greater, or longer lasting effect than that of lower levels. It is also soulbounded, and have an additional space in the collection slot in your bank. (could also see where the trophy be used to create unique gear and item too, but won’t go too deep into that)

Again, the goal is to get player to explore the map again, even if its some place they already visited. Also to promote player to player interaction of trading and exchanging information, and communicating with one another. Adding sense of collectability, as well as dash of visual vanity, will help enhance the reward further, to give some more incentive to hunt those monster down.
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