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[video] Matale 7 - Hammer WvWvW

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Posted 07 January 2013 - 06:12 PM

Thank you for sharing.

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Posted 14 January 2013 - 10:21 PM

I don't feel like making a new thread so decided to share the current build that i run. It's heavily based on yours and i simply tweaked it with time to suit my playstyle more. I hope you don't mind

It was amazing how he fought. I had to literally pick up my jaw...

Here is the build that i currently use on my warrior for WvW. The idea of this build is to make a very durable, boon heavy fighter that focuses on control and support. But being a hybrid, he can still dish out nasty damage! It works great in a team but i'm not 100% focused on buffing the team because i don't want to gimp myself to hard in the damage and utility department.. A few of these warriors can make a big difference in big fights! It's also a lot of fun. It's kinda a hybrid build but you will be amazed how effective it is in all the three roles. The support and control are excellent and the damage is still fairly high. The high damage mainly comes from, boons, bloodlust stacks, food and consumables tho! The guide became bigger than expected so sorry for the incoming wall of text! Let's go!


- You have tons of control over enemy groups which is very effective in WvW!
- You are very durable because of high toughness and nice party wide condition removal (without soldier runes!)
- You have excellent mobility because of certain skills, traits and boons!
- It's very fun to play because you have easy access to permanent swiftness, fury, vigor and might.


- You won't deal very high damage  (but in return you have excellent control and team support.)
- No "Death from Above" trait unless you are willing to sacrifice some of the other traits. :P
- You have no ranged weapon! (swap to longbow in sieges if you feel like it)

The build (Only look at skills and traits)

Click this link!

Explanation for the weapons

- The hammer is the best control weapon that a warrior has. The damage is surprisingly high as well.
- The sword is a mobile weapon that adds survivability because of synergy with some of the awesome warrior traits.
- The warhorn adds great party buffs and removes conditions with one of the traits. Best option for a teambuild imo!

Alternative weapons

- Axe is a nice damage weapon if you want to sacrifice mobility and survivability for more damage. It can be useful in smaller skrimishes against tougher enemies like bunkers.
- Shield in the off hand is a great alternative that synergizes well with some of the traits that we can easily swap to. The shield is great for blocking (or reflecting) high single target damage. The extra stun is nice as well if you want even more control. [Using this set often reduces party support big time!]
- Axe in the off hand is a much used alternative because you can use "Whirling Axe" to fuel your adrenaline skills even faster. Again, only use this if you want more damage.

Explanation for skills

- Healing Surge because we don't need the extra condition removal from mending and having a big heal that also fills adrenaline is great to have. That said, the healing skill is a bit of personal preference i guess. I used Mending a lot in the past as well.

- To make most out of my boon duration and healing shouts trait, i decided to go with 2 shouts. "Shrug It Off" is an obvious choice. It is a party wide condition removal that breaks stun for you. I went with "For Great Justice" as well because the amount of boons (and their duration) you get for such a low cooldown skill is really nice! (even without the trait that reduces cooldown on shouts). Lastly, Endure Pain, a very common choice for warriors. 3 seconds (5 seconds is a bug in description) of taking no damage is huge and it also breaks stun. Great to have in any warrior build!

- As for the elite, Signet of Rage is the only choice that makes sense. Get used to refreshing it whenever it is off cooldown because you can keep the buffs up 24/7.

Alternative skills

- Signet of Dolyak is a great skill that gives you extra toughness and when active, gives stability for a very long time because of our high boon duration and our trait that reduces cooldown of signets.
- Frenzy is a decent option for when you want more burst damage for a short amount of time. Good when switching to axe in the main hand.
- Mending when using a shield often because you will most likely have less condition removal from the warhorn skills and traits.

Note: If you only take 1 shout, the need for the trait Vigorous Shouts because smaller and you might wanna think about a bit more offensive trait setup (you see what i mean later). This means that you lose 10 points in tactics (100 less vitality and 10% less boon duration!!!) but you can put these points back into power for example to get "Death from Above" or a different trait. You could also use the points to get 30 defense. I don't think that the grandmaster traits are worth it in the defense line but using an adept or master trait in the last traitslot is not a bad idea either! There are some good options.

Explanation for the traits

- 20 in defense is logical because you want Merciless Hammer. The hammer is your main weapon and the trait adds damage and reduces the cooldown of your hammer skills! We picked Embrace The Pain in the first slot because we get hit very often in the frontline and it helps to fuel "Earthshaker" more often, one of the strongest control skills in our arsenal.

Swap Embrace The Pain for Missile Deflection when you are using a shield in the off hand more often than the warhorn.

- 30 points in tactics for the extra boon duration, vitality and awesome supportive traits. We use Leg Specialist because it synergizes well with hammer skill 3 and sword skill 3. Very nice extra control that makes it easyer to land the slow hammer skills as well! We also use Quick Breathing to allow for permanent vigor upkeep and excellent condition removal. Lastly, we take Vigorous Shouts which heals you and nearby allies whenever you use a shout skill. The little healing might not sound like a lot but with multiple shout warriors or other sources of healing, it adds up! And in a guildgroup, you probably have more sources of healing anyways.

You can swap Leg Specialist for Empower Allies if you feel the extra immobilize (1s) is not needed. +70 power for 5 nearby allies in combat is a nice alternative. Take Lung Capacity when you use the shield more often than the warhorn.

- 20 points in discipline because this traitline rocks! Not only does it add some nice crit damage, we also get access to some amazing traits. We use Signet Mastery, which allows us (combined with gear) to have Signet of Rage active 24/7. This is crazy awesome and fun! Besides, there is a boon heavy meta at the moment but almost no boon removers. Sure, a mesmer can f*ck you up but it happens rarely and necros tend to focus guardians first anyways. We also use Mobile Strikes. While this trait doesn't looks awesome at first sight, it's SUPER good! You will die 99% of the time because of getting CC'd. This skill allows you to escape hard CC (immobilizes) and leap away to get a nice distance, allowing easy escapes with your permanent swiftness. It's insane how much deaths i prevented with this skill. Learn to unclick your target (click somewhere on the ground) before you use it tho. You don't wanna leap back in the zerg behind ya! Another nice bonus of this trait is the fact that enemies won't be able to stop you from using "Earthshaker" that often.

I wouldn't recommend any other traits from this trait line.

The only thing you can do is sacrifice 10 points in one these traitlines to get 10 in power for "Death from Above", a very awesome trait to have in WvW. Or just suck it up like i do right now and learn to jump more carefully! ;)


- It's very simply. You want knight armor and weapons. Having an berserker axe makes sense tho! Axes are ment for more offensive builds anyways. You will have about 30% crit chance but because of our awesome boon duration, we have 100% upkeep on the fury boon, which adds another 20% crit chance. So sitting at 50% crit chance is very nice for such a defensive and supportive build.

- You want 2 superior runes of water, 2 superior runes of the monk and 2 major runes of water. This boosts your boon duration by another 40%! Combined with the 30% boost from the traits, we have a total of +70% boon duration. I love it!

- To balance my build a bit, i decided to make my jewelery a bit different. I'm still using the exotic knight earrings and amulet but the ascended items that i use are giving me power/toughness and crit damage. These are:

- Rurik's Royal Signet Ring
- Adelbern's Royal Signet Ring
- Symon's History of Ascalon (backpiece)

This brought my crit damage to 41, which is not very high but then again, this build is not ment to instagib people!

Alternative Gear

- You could go with power/toughness/vitality gear and ditch the extra precision (and damage). But warriors already have a very high HP pool and my build has a lot of condition removal. And because conditions are the main reason to get vitality, i prefer knight gear!

- You could drop the boon duration runes (lose out on 40% boon duration) and get Soldier runes. They add some toughness/vit instead of healing power and removes conditions when using shouts. I personally feel that this is a bit overkill because we have so much condi removal already. And if i needed more condi removal, i would take Mending instead of Helaing Surge anyways.


- I recommend bloodlust on atleast one of the hammers (main or second weapon so you can switch after you got the stacks).
- On the sword i use signet of battle, which gives me 3 stacks of might when i switch to that weapon while in combat.
- On the shield i use a sigil of energy that refills endurance a bit when switching to that weapon while in combat and on my warhorn i use the same.
- On the axe i suggest a sigil of Air.

Sigils are also a bit personal preference tho.

Food and consumables

- I use Plate of Orrian steak and Frittes (+100 power and +70 vitality).
- I also use Sharpening Stones to increase my power even further. Because of my high toughness and decent vitality, the stones add quite a lot of power! Normally my power is only 1628 (without boons and food buffs etc.) It becomes 1878 with the unremovable food and consumables! This is pretty huge! Add a few might boons and full bloodlust to that and you will have very high power (2400+). This makes your damage a lot higher than you would expect!

Even when just using your "boon granting" skills just once outside of battle, your stats will look like this (even higher in battle!):


No damage you say? (without full bloodlust!)

Screenshot 2

Well, that concludes it for now. I'll try to fix spelling errors etc. as soon as possible, Don't forget to give suggestions or start a discussion! Thank you! I hope it was useful to some of you!

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Posted 17 January 2013 - 06:41 AM

Hey Darko, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I really like your build, it is pretty similar to what I am playing at the moment. I also tried to make stefan's build work a bit more for group synergy. I did it a little more offensively, without shouts because the signet of fury is essemtial for my guilds engagement tactics. :-) Using 0/0/30/20/20 as my build with full knights armor and weapons and a mixture of valkyrie and berserker jewelry. I used soldiers armor before amd liked the extra hitpoints, but it made my armor value drop below 3k... So far I am still experimenting (my warrior being my only toon), your guide gave me some interesting insight.

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