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Pyran [pyrn] (Gandara EU) - "Adult" Guild - Recruiting Semi-Hardcore/Casual and Sociable Players

gandara wvw pvx 18+ social adult international semi-hardcore casual

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Posted 30 September 2012 - 09:33 PM

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Pyran (EU) adult gaming community


General Info:

Pyran is a longstanding gaming community of friends who've played MMO's together for many years - we're a bunch of oldskool gamers seeking like minded individuals to hand out a bit of pwnage, and have a good time. Pyran is the mainly PvP focused guild that we've created for Guild Wars 2.

We are a small to medium sized guild at the moment but want to increase our numbers to we can compete and make ourselves known on the WvW scene.

We've players from SWG, DaoC, WoW, Fury, AoC, WAR and Rift. We've ran some of the best battleground pre-mades EU has to offer and have a wealth in PvP battleground, arena and tactical experience. We've dominated the PvP scene on every game we've played for the past several years.

Pyran would like to add a few more adult (not necessarily ''mature'') players to our growing player base. Due to the nature of our repulsive guild chat, we deem ourselves ''unsuitable'' for anyone under the age of eighteen.

We understand that the internets is srs bizniz and we're looking for skilled players of all professions and level ranges, ''elitists without the attitude'', but also who are social, laid back and up for some fun.

Our primary focus is PvP which we plan on undertaking in a variation of different forms: sPvP, Tournaments and WvW. PvE content is not off the cards however, so dungeon groups and group events will be encouraged. We are very competitive and take this seriously, but we are also somewhat casual in that we won't bite your head off if you can't log on for a few days or want to do other things.

We're a voice-chat based guild, so we encourage members to log on to Teamspeak as often as possible, even if just for a chat. Our ability to communicate via voice comms is essential for participation in any guild events, and just generally having a bit of a laugh

We don't tolerate unfair game play which involves exploits or other forms of cheating. Any member caught exploiting is likely to be severely disciplined or kicked.

An adult guild chat and Teamspeak chat with adult sense of humor with an average player age of between 25-35, as such we're looking for people who are preferably 18+.

Our most common events time, mid-week begins usually between 8-9pm, because that's when most of us are online, leaving you enough time to get home from work, shower, eat, and spend some time with ''the missus'' or ''mister''. Weekends are a bit more relaxed with events organized ''as and when''... allowing for drinking/pub time. Guild Meetings are also planned regularly.

Applying to Pyran:

Our application process is simple and fast (usually you receive a decision within a couple of days), and all the info you need can be found in the recruitment section of Website. Just click on the Guild Wars Guild Tab and select Guild Wars Application from the drop down menu.
Don't forget to read the Guild Rules too which can also be accessed via the Guild Wars drop-down menu.

Generally, if you meet the requirements, you will be offered a 2 week trial period, and your suitability and how you ''fit in'' with us will be assessed. This will be down to our members though, all our members vote on all applications and all trials, so its not just a handful of ''officers'' you have to impress.

If you need any more info or would like to have a quick chat, PM me or just whisper Euphoria.4068 or Strider.7649 in-game.

We're looking forward to your applications!

Class Recruitment Status:

Guardian: Open
Warrior: Open
Engineer: Open
Ranger: Open

Thief: Open
Elementalist: Open
Mesmer: Open

Note: We will consider applications of Classes that are closed for Recruitment in exceptional cases, so feel free to apply regardless of Recruitment status.

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Posted 23 October 2012 - 11:28 AM

Updated original post with status on recruitment for certain classes.
Still recruiting a few more members!
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Posted 23 November 2012 - 03:53 PM

Recruiting more members.
Class recruitment status changed to open for all classes.
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