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Gold Sink You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

gold sink end game economy

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#1 actionjack


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Posted 02 October 2012 - 03:37 AM

Gold sink you can sink your teeth into
(Part I are mostly theories on game economy, so skip it if you want)

Part I

So this thread got me thinking of the core concept of Gold Sink, and possible problem with the current trend (yes, I have long boring drive home). I will assume that you all know what gold sink are, and how it manifest itself in the game (way point, repair cost, etc). The way I observer it, I feel the gold sink as now is not enough. While many would complain about the need to put a cost on some of the basic functions that should be free, I feel its more of a money flow issue.

But to touch briefly too, on what is the usage of in-game money. The way I see it, the need to have a health economy is not mainly to keep the gold at a balance value (and not suffer extreme inflation or deflation), but to keep the “carrot” still look delicious. As most rewards in the PvE part of the game can be turn into gold, and it is the most liquid assets, it is important that if want to keep player attracted into playing, gold must retain a certain value.

I do see some possible risk in the current economy thought. The apparent, current money flow seem to be something like this. End-Game player are providing crafts (runes, equips, sig, etc) and Materials for the low level players. This system work well in short runs, as player contribution time are not equality distributed, and as long as there are a constant stream influx of new player into the game that are willing to buy the goods. However, as game progress, as more and more player reach to the End-Game, and as more materials/goods flow into the market, but less player have need of them, you will start to see its price go down (as can already seen in the TA). This devalue the gold, making it less attractive to “play” more. It also create an addition problem of income level disparity, as those who already have lots gold (those who can buy and trade Legendary weapons) will continue to have more gold, while those new or have less time to farm player will make less (due to the depressed price). It might make reward harder to control, which could make it harder to attract and retain the more casual crowd in the future.

Part II

So, what can be done? I am sure many people have lots good ideas, but here are some brief suggestions.

More High-End Goods
Add more high end exotic goods for the end-game player to chase after. Suggested of Legendary Armor would work. Lottery of some sort work too (although already a few of it in game already). A “ticket to enter” map (with death result in bump of the map) for high end crafting/weapon/armor could work as well. Guild town could be another gold sink too (will post more on that later). Things that people can put more gold into.

Achievement Show Off Goodies
This work in another way. Those are things that would make player want to “play”, and less focus on continues farming. You want to offer them exclusive item that can not be purchase with gold or farming. Exclusive PvP or WvW armor/show off goodies can be part of this. Other are actives the encourage more roaming, (like the suggested Fishing and Trophy mobs, etc). Also add a show off tabs. (more on that in another thread)

Rich Men’s Sport
This, I see, as a very strong gold sink. Those are high end items that have little impact on actual game play, but work on the attraction of collectibles and none-in-game power creep. Like already seen, Minis work off this idea. Can expand it further to monthly mini pack, which add and retire certain minis each month (and different coloration and glowies). Now, if also add in the Mini-Battles, it would work even better. I could also easily see using the wonderful GW2 arts, and making a in-game Card battle mini game too. This allow for player to continues “gain” power, without disturbing the real game. And one of the beauty of this idea is how easy it can be tie to the Gem store too. This mean those who want to access to a more advance level of this “rich men’s sport: can still do with, with cash. (also poor people are still able to play it too, but just mean only those of their level)

So those are some suggested ideas for future game gold sinks, which hopefully will keep the economy flowing in providing a “healthy” outflow to the increasing virtual GDP that is generated.
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#2 dreanor


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Posted 05 October 2012 - 02:34 PM

You point out some nice ideas that could work very well. One thing that's definitely going happen is the gold sink with player housing and Guild Halls.

I could imagine that they will do something similar to gw1, so that you have to buy the Guild Hall for some money and buy additional services like profession trainers, mystic forge, bank, crafting trainers etc.
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#3 Raagar Deathclaw

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Posted 31 January 2013 - 08:57 PM

I don't care how much it costs if you let me buy a witch doctor hut for my necro i'll be happy ^/^
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