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WvW Mesmer Build?

mesmer wvw build spec

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#1 Sycosis


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Posted 03 October 2012 - 11:40 AM

Recently picked my Mesmer back up, played it in all the beta/stress test, but went with guardian to level with the wife. Upon reaching 80 and only really caring for WvW I find the guardian isn't a fun as I had hoped. So I now have the option of going back to Mesmer.

What are some good wvw builds for the Mesmer? Glass cannon, survivability, utility, 3+ builds if anyone has them. I enjoy playing with all the weapons, tho I used staff/gs for leveling.

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#2 TrolKabu


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Posted 03 October 2012 - 02:46 PM

There are many builds and debates about 3W on this topic: http://www.guildwars...919-mesmer-wvw/

But, honestly, everything depends on your playstyle and the situations. You should already know what kind of Mesmer suits to you, then you just have to ask about how your playstyle can accommodate with the different situations in 3W, which can be : Skirmishes (roaming with 5-15 players for strategic purposes and targets), sieges (as a besieger or defender does not import a lot because siege weapons do the most of the job), zerging, or hunting alone or with few friends on your back.

I play the most of the time with GS & Staff, occasionally Focus when I need a speed boost and can't find a swiftness companion to follow. Chaos Storm can be useful too if I don't have time to equip the focus, but the boon is really really short.

Here is my build, plus a Carrion armor set, even if I have nothing yet but the Exotic Pearl Staff :P

I've spec in Glamour skills & a bit in Phantasms which give me the nice traits chain in Glamour CD reduction, blind & confusion boost, more survivability while conditions are stronger and much other little stuff.

I am pretty versatile, even if I lack the 1v1 strength of a sceptre’s/sword’s build, I can manage any sort of duel excepted overstuffed enemies like warriors or thieves (more stealth please :P), other ones or not too hard to fight.

Due to my build, the GS does not show its best, but permits me to use some useful iZerkers and #5 AoE KB (cliffs I love you). Btw, the GS is strong on siege because of the iZerker no sight cast, it is priceless to destroy siege weapons out of AoE, even if it takes several minutes. About AoE, USE FEEDBACK ! On any 3W situation, I find its utility, whether it is to delay a bad fight in hope for reinforcements or to cover gates/siege weapons from villainous, or simply annihilate any chance for the enemy to win the fight because of a confusion storm into their head.

The staff shows its strength into little skirmishes, bouncing everywhere between foes and allies applying a flood of boons and conditions. The chaos armor is also the best choice to survive (think about combo fields with Ether {Null field, Chaos Storm, Feedback, etc + Phase Retreat or any other Leap or Explosion Finisher}).

The skills are in majority Glamour on Zerging or Sieges, but Decoy or Blink, or both, are much more useful in little fights to survive. And about survivability, I’ve not heard a lot about the Illusion of Life. Its CD is monstrously long, but did you ever try to use it on an ally half a second before he gets executed by an enemy ? But, in a skirmish, think about it :

- It resurrects your ally for 15s if he does not kill anything, totally if he gets a kill. Anyway, you can stand close to him while he gets out of the struggle, ready to revive him completely (the life is restored when he gets down, he does not keep the poor life he had when you used the skill).

- You do NOT have to resurrect a DEAD ally, he’s just down. It takes a few seconds only.

- Your enemy wasted his time trying to execute him while you hit hard (bonus if this enemy entered a dangerous place to do that {bunch of allies, mobs, cliffs do you hear the echo of my Illusionary Wave ?}).

- It could totally change the course of the battle if there are only few fighters on each side.

- What about resurrecting more people in one shot ?

It happened to me several times, and more than one time on two, it made us win the fight which was badly engaged.

Elite skills depends a lot to the situation, I change it all the time, according to needs. It is really a personal point of view to use an elite skill or another in 3W. On little fights (5vs5 max) I usually cast the Charr Elite Squad which can make a strong force combined to all my illusions. And the Charr Archer has a strong KB, pretty effective in many cases. And ofc the Moa is useless on heavy fights.

The Mesmer is versatile enough to find his way on 3W, even if you pick a special build, changing your weapons and especially your skills will give you the ability to face many situations. You will not be optimised everytime, but you will do something useful in any manner.

Hope that can help you, and pardon my poor English ^^
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#3 Sycosis


    Fahrar Cub

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Posted 03 October 2012 - 04:13 PM

Very informative, and thank you for the link to both your build and the other thread.
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