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Which healing skill to use?

healing thief

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#1 BlaineTog


    Asuran Acolyte

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Posted 03 October 2012 - 03:32 PM

Just started my new Thief and OMG SHE IS SO MUCH EASIER AND SMOOTHER THAN MY ELE MAIN! But I'm also finding it difficult to decide between her healing skills. I'm a human, so I have the three Thief skills to choose from + Prayer to Dwayna. I've mostly used Hide in Shadows because I like abusing the stealth, but the 1/2-cooldown of the other two Thief is really tempting.
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#2 Outt


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Posted 03 October 2012 - 04:51 PM

Depends on what build you're running.

If mostly ranged, Withdraw is great(although I've never honestly used it)

w/ Pstil whip or even Unload builds, the signet is perfect, especially if you run a signet build and take the 20% rechange + 2 ini everytime you use it.

and Hide is good if you're running a Stealth build or really need the Cond removal.
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#3 Capn_Crass


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Posted 03 October 2012 - 05:31 PM

Yeah, it's sort of situational. I alternate between Hide in Shadows and Signet of Malice most of the time, depending on what weapon set I'm leaning on and what I'm doing. SoM works well with multi-hit skills and in situations where you're taking moderate, consistent damage (especially when traited for shorter signet cooldowns). HiS works better as an emergency heal, removes some problematic conditions, and is an Initiative-free stealth.

I haven't played around much with Withdraw. Utility skills with a movement component seem to be more trouble than they're worth in most situations.
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#4 Effigy


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Posted 03 October 2012 - 05:49 PM

I'd say Signet of Malice is the best general PvE heal because it has good healing for the cooldown (218 hp/second max) and the passive gives decent heals when using AoE attacks. You can also reduce the cooldown to 12 seconds (and get 2 initiative on use) with the Signet Use trait, bumping it to 273 hp/second max.

Hide in Shadows is nice, but the healing isn't great for its cooldown (only 192 hp/second max without Healing Power factored). You have better access to stealth through skills like Cloak and Dagger, Shadow Refuge, and Blinding Powder. Removing DoT conditions is also nice, but it's rare that you'd be stacked with DoTs in PvE. I think HiS is more suited to PvP, where you might only have time to get off one heal in a fight and it will make a bigger impact.

Withdraw is very nice and has the best healing (264 hp/second max) unless you take Signet Use with SoM. Being able to drop movement conditions is also great. However, there are times when the backward roll isn't welcome, especially in PvE. If you're fighting on a raised platform or such, you may end up falling off if you Withdraw. You may also end up rolling into an AoE. Withdraw is probably my favorite heal for WvW, but I'm not as fond of it for PvE.

The racial skills are generally inferior to class skills and not worth using.

Overall, Signet of Malice is my go-to heal for PvE.I would only slot something else if a specific situation called for it.

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